Kinetic Sand Activities for Kids

What is kinetic sand exactly? Find out here and then discover some fun kinetic sand activities to try with the kids!

Kinetic sand is a favorite at our house because not only does it provide great tactile sensory input, but it also encourages lots of fine motor practice.

It's versatile and easy to clean up too, which makes it one of my favorite sensory bin materials for kids because I know I don't have a huge mess to clean up later.

Kinetic sand is also extremely mesmerizing. I often find myself playing with kinetic sand after my kids have moved onto a different activity. Who says sensory play is just for kids anyway?

So if you are looking for kinetic sand activities and ideas for kids, then you're in the right spot.

What is kinetic sand? Find out here and then discover fun kinetic sand activities for kids of all ages from toddlers and preschool aged kids and up!

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What is Kinetic Sand? How is it Different than Regular Play Sand?

I remember the first time that my oldest son, who has autism and sensory issues, touched kinetic sand. He immediately tried to wipe his hands after touching the kinetic sand, thinking it would be messy like regular play sand. He was so surprised to see that it didn't stick to him then happily dove back into to play with the kinetic sand. And that's huge because sand was a texture he avoided as much as possible!

So what is kinetic sand?

Kinetic sand is sand that sticks to itself, moves smoothly as you pull and stretch it, but can be easily formed into shapes.

Kinetic Sand

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Unlike regular play sand, it is relatively mess free because it doesn't stick to you or your hands. Instead, kinetic sand sticks to itself. That means, kinetic sand is easy to clean up. Here's an easy trick for quickly picking up kinetic sand:

Kinetic sand also differs from regular sand in that it never ever dries out completely. And if it does start to get a bit dry, there's a quick fix to make it like new again. See the video below.

Kinetic Sand Activities & Ideas

There are lots of different ways to play with kinetic sand because it's a versatile sensory bin filler. Here are some of the ways that we've played with kinetic sand in the past, but you can find 35 more kinetic sand ideas for kids here.

More Kinetic Sand Ideas for Kids

Want kinetic sand inspiration at your fingertips? My book 35 Awesome Kinetic Sand Activities for Kids focuses on low prep activities that use only 2-3 materials (one of which is kinetic sand itself!). It's available in print, eBook, and Kindle versions. Find out more about the book here.

Kinetic sand activities for kids



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