Thursday, May 07, 2015

Flower Mandalas Light Table Activity for Kids

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Create flower mandalas with this beautiful light table activity for kids. It's a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers. There's also a free flower mandala printable included.

We haven't been playing with our light table as often as we used to, especially as the weather warms up. But, one rainy day, we were able to sneak in some simple flower themed light table play and it was tons of fun! 

For this activity, the boys created some colorful flower mandalas on the light table. That's probably pretty obvious by now though, right? Anyway, I think they look really cool on the light table and, more importantly, the kids enjoyed the activity.

If you're wanting to try this light table activity too, then you're in luck. I've included some free printable flower templates below. Just print and play.

Flower mandalas light table activity for kids

Flower Mandalas Light Table Activity: What You'll Need

For this flower mandalas activity, we used:

  • A light table, light box, or even an overhead projector would be fun
  • Free printable template of simple flower mandalas (you can download it below)
I printed the flower templates on normal printer paper. However, vellum or printable transparencies (if you have them on hand!) would be amazing as well since they would let even more light through. But plain paper works great too as you can see. Anyway, I set out the materials for this light table activity like so:

Colorful glass stones and flower mandala printable on a light table

Your Kids Will Love Creating Flower Mandalas on the Light Table!

Five year old J went straight for the yellow stones and declared that he was going to make a sunflower. He started decorating the flower pedals with the yellow stones. Unfortunately, he eventually ran out of yellow stones and ended up with the most colorful sunflower ever instead!

Simple light table activity for kids using glass gems and a free flower mandala printable

Creating flower mandalas on the light table

Creating flower mandalas on the light table

Close up of kid made flower mandalas on the light table

Close up of kid made flower mandalas on the light table

K ended up making a very Christmas colored flower, decorating his flower petals in green and red. To be honest, I was surprised by how much he loved this simple light table activity.

Preschool child placing glass stones on a flower mandala on the light table

Green and red flower mandala on the light table

Green, red, and blue flower mandala on the light table

What kind of flowers do you think your kids will create with this simple little light table flower project? 

Grab the Free Flower Mandala Printable

To get your copy of the free printable flower mandalas, enter your name and email in the form below. The printable includes two different flower templates to decorate. You can print them on regular printer paper or try them on something translucent or transparent.

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Flower mandalas light table activity for kids