Friday, November 29, 2019

DIY Crash Pad {An Easy No Sew Sensory Hack}

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DIY crash pad tutorial. Find out how to make a crash mat using materials you have around your home. No sewing involved either!

I have been wanting to make a gigantic crash mat for my kids for quite some time. However, the thought of sewing a large piece of fabric and hunting down enough foam to stuff it with seemed too daunting. It also sounds ridiculously expensive! 

But I finally came up with the perfect inexpensive solution for making your own homemade crash mat.

It's frugal to make because you likely already have everything on hand to make it. Ready to find out how to make it?

Homemade crash pad for kids: an easy tutorial for how to make your own crash mat

Why Crash Mats are Great for Kids with Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder

Crash mats are great for kids, especially those with autism and/or sensory processing disorder, because it provides lots of proprioceptive input and deep pressure.

It's also a great way to burn off excess energy when the kids are stuck indoors. Jump. Crash. Repeat.

But if you have ever priced out a crash mat (like this one), then you know they're super expensive! And I'm entirely too cheap to buy one, so I came up with this perfect DIY alternative. There's no sewing involved too (bonus, right?).

DIY crash mat - find out how to make a homemade crash pad for kids

Homemade Crash Pad: What You'll Need

Do you use a duvet on any of the beds in your house? Well, then you are ready to go!

To make this no sew DIY crash mat, you will need to gather as many of the following supplies as possible:

  • Duvet cover (ours is queen sized) that is sealed with a zipper (similar to this one) - required material
  • Duvet(s)
  • Pillows
  • Body pillow
  • Large comforters, blankets, or fluffy towels
  • Large stuffed animals (avoid ones with any plastic parts)
  • Bean bag chairs
In the past, we have always just piled up stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets to make a giant crash mat. The problem with this method, however, is that all the materials shift, meaning we would constantly have to readjust the items.

We needed something that would hold all the items in one place.

The solution?

A duvet cover that zips closed!

How to Make a Crash Mat

Simply unzip the duvet cover and stuff it as full as you can with everything soft and fluffy in your house.

We used primarily pillows, fleece blankets, two bean bag chairs, a body pillow, and a large stuffed tiger that is bigger than I am!

Fun tip: You can even make it into a scavenger hunt and encourage the kids to help you locate everything you could use.

Make your own crash mat at home

Making Your Own Crash Mat is a Great Heavy Work Activity Too!

Stuffing the duvet cover is a great heavy work activity for kids too because they have to climb inside the duvet cover with a large item and stuff it into the corners.

Another fun tip: the duvet cover makes a fun fort! I held the opening of the duvet up so that the boys could climb in and out to fill it up. 

Once it's full, simply zip it closed and let the kids crash! It worked perfectly!

Crashing into a homemade crash mat

How to make a crash mat for kids using materials you have at home

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DIY crash pad for kids: an easy no sew tutorial for how to make a homemade crash mat