Tuesday, February 09, 2016

DIY Chewelry for Kids Who Chew on Everything {Oral Motor Sensory Hacks for Kids}

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Do you have an older child who still chews on everything? Are you looking for inexpensive solutions for helping them get the oral motor sensory input that they crave? Then these DIY chewelry necklaces and sensory toys for kids are going to be super helpful for you! Especially if your child has autism and/or sensory processing issues.

If you're familiar with my blog at all, then you'll know that the oral sensory seeking of my oldest son is an ongoing issue for us. We're constantly looking for new ideas for oral motor sensory activities like this snowball oral motor game or these 24 oral motor activity ideas to help him get the input he needs without costing us a fortune! We've gone through more chew necklaces than I care to admit. Even the so called extra durable ones last us a week...if we're lucky.

So if you're looking for cheaper chewelry alternatives for your kids, then try some of these ideas!

DIY chewelry sensory hacks for kids who chew on everything. Great ideas for kids with autism and/or sensory processing issues from And Next Comes L

DIY Chewelry Sensory Hacks for Kids

1. DIY Chewable Zipper Pull (pictured) - If you have a child who constantly chews on their coat, then this easy DIY zipper pull is the perfect solution.

2. DIY Chewy Tube Necklace (pictured) - This necklace is nothing fancy, but it's super inexpensive to make using an easy to find item.

3. Easy Fabric Bracelets (pictured) - These DIY bracelets are perfect for kids who like to chew on their shirt cuffs. You can also check out this DIY t-shirt yarn sensory bracelet

4. Homemade Chew Toys - I love the simple homemade chew toys using clear tubing, but this post also has a great tutorial for showing you how to attach any sensory chew toy to a coat.

5. DIY Bubblegum Necklace (pictured) - Have a child that prefers to chew on fabric? Try this gorgeous bubblegum necklace!

6. Braided T-Shirt Chew Necklaces - Just like the bracelet idea mentioned earlier, you can use t-shirts to create chew necklaces. You could easily make a bunch with one shirt and then toss them in the washing machine regularly to keep them clean. You can also check out this chew necklace tutorial.

7. DIY Straw Necklace - Does your child like the texture of chewing on straws? Try this DIY chew necklace made with straws.

8. Knotted Fabric Bracelet - I love this bright and colorful fabric bracelet for kids who chew their shirt cuffs.

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DIY chewelry sensory hacks for kids who chew on everything. Great ideas for kids with autism and/or sensory processing issues from And Next Comes L