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16 Piano Inspired Music Activities for Kids

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Fun music activities for kids inspired by pianos. These musical games are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

As a piano teacher, I have a weakness for clever music activities for kids, especially if they are piano related. Sadly, there's not that many piano crafts and activities for kids beyond traditional music theory worksheets and actual piano lessons. And usually they are geared towards school aged kids and up.

So what about fun piano inspired activities for little ones like babies, toddlers, and preschoolers?

Well, I found 16 awesome piano inspired music activities for kids, including crafts, gross motor activities, sensory play ideas, and lots of free printables! Your kids are going to love learning about the piano with these fun music activities. And meanwhile, I can add these fun ideas to letter P of the ABCs of Music for kids series.

Music activities for kids inspired by pianos

16 Ways to Play & Learn with Pianos {Music Activities for Kids}

1. Giant Chalk Keyboard - A musical twist on hopscotch, this giant chalk keyboard is the perfect outdoor gross motor activity for kids!

2. Piano Loom Bracelet from Loom Love - If the kids are up for a challenge, then try making this gorgeous piano loom bracelet!

3. Piano Quiet Book Page {Free Printable Pattern} - Perfect for babies and toddlers, this piano quiet book page is a great way to expose little ones to the piano.

4. DIY Silent Mini Keyboards from Color in My Piano - Could be a great craft for the kids to make themselves, but it's also a great way to encourage pretend piano play.

5. Tape Resist Piano Craft from House of Burke - Even the smallest of hands can enjoy this beautiful little piano craft.

6. Craft Stick Piano Craft from Tami Baird - It looks like the original idea is from Tami's Piano Studio.

7. Homemade Glowing Floor Piano - Great for gross motor, sensory input, and imaginative play, this giant homemade glowing floor piano is a lot of fun!

8. Music Play on the Overhead Projector - Playing on a vertical surface like we did sure is fun way to learn about piano keys and encourage gross motor and imaginative play.

9. Spell a Keyboard Game {Free Printable} from Color in My Piano - Practice spelling words and find keys on the piano with this simple game.

10. DIY Craft Stick Piano from Deceptively Educational - Explore the science behind the different sounds of various piano keys with this simple DIY project.

11. Animal Keyboard Clothespin Matching Game {Free Printable} from Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources - A super cute fine motor activity to help your kids learn the names of the piano keys.

12. Black Key Group Sorting Keys {Free Printable} from Color in My Piano - Let the kids build a piano keyboard with this free printable that I use a lot with my beginner piano students.

13. Piano Inspired Music Sensory Bin - It's set up initially to look like piano keys, but it won't stay that way for long because this sensory bin is just plain fun!

14. Letter P Piano Craft from No Time for Flashcards - This craft is great for working on fine motor skills!

15. Large Free Printable Keyboard from Color in My Piano - Make a giant floor piano with the kids! The kids could also assemble it themselves just like a puzzle.

16. Cover the Keys {Free Printable} from Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources - A simple game to practice finding and naming the keys of the piano.

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Music activities for kids inspired by pianos