Monday, February 29, 2016

Easter Bunny Sensory Bin

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If you're looking for Easter sensory bin ideas for toddlers, then give this bunny sensory bin a try!

For my four year old, the most engaging sensory bin ideas for him have always been ones with kinetic sand or ones with water. So when I picked up a package of foam bunny shapes from the dollar store, it was a no-brainer for me to pair them with some water.

This super simple Easter bunny sensory bin for kids is a great way to explore the colors and shapes of Easter while working on fine motor skills and patterning.

Bunny sensory bin for Easter

Bunny Sensory Bin & Water Play Idea for Toddlers

This Easter bunny sensory bin idea is so easy to put together because all you need is:

  • Water
Simply toss the foam bunnies into a large bin of water and let the kids play!

Easter sensory bin idea and water play activity

Easter sensory box

Playing with the Easter Bunny Sensory Box

I purposely set up this sensory bin by the large mirrored doors in our dining room because I wanted to encourage four year old K to explore sticking the foam shapes to the mirrors (when wet, foam sticks to pretty much anything!). You could also use a large window though. Obviously, this is optional though.

Sticking the shapes to the mirror is great for fine motor development, but it also allows for the exploration of mathematical concepts such as patterning. I created a pattern with the bunnies on the mirror and then K repeated it like you can see below. Then as he removed the bunnies, he counted them.

Easter sensory bin for toddlers using water and foam bunny shapes

And that's it! A super easy bunny sensory bin for Easter!

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