Friday, February 26, 2016

50+ Fine Motor Math Activities for Kids

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We love math around here. Yes, we really, truly do!

So in celebration of our brand new book 100 Fine Motor Ideas for Parents, Teachers, & Therapists, I've put together this massive list of 50+ fine motor math activities for kids! From counting to patterning to more advanced skills like multiplication and tally marks, this list will certainly inspire your kids to love math!

50+ fine motor math activities for kids from And Next Comes L

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Ways to Learn Math with LEGO

LEGO is great for building fine motor skills, but it also makes a wonderful math manipulative. Check out all of these creative ways to explore math with LEGO:

  1. Integers LEGO Math Tray
  2. Roman Numerals LEGO Math Tray
  3. Counting & Measuring with LEGO from The Imagination Tree
  4. LEGO Stamped Roman Numerals Art
  5. Simple LEGO Addition Tray from Mama. Papa. Bubba. (pictured)
  6. Learning about Fractions with LEGO
  7. Roll a DUPLO Tower Math Game from Stir the Wonder
  8. Preschool Roll & Count from Frugal Fun for Boys

More Advanced Math Activities for Kids

If your kids are ready to move beyond counting, addition, and shapes, then these more advanced math activities are for them! These activities work on tally marks, multiplication, skip counting, fractions, telling time, and Roman numerals.

  1. Tally Marks Math Busy Bag (pictured)
  2. Roman Numerals Fine Motor Math Tray (pictured)
  3. Skip Counting Lacing Plates from 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  4. Roman Numerals Fine Motor Craft
  5. Hickory Dickory Dock Telling Time Activity & Clock Craft from Still Playing School (pictured)
  6. Tally Marks Math with Magna-Tiles
  7. Learning Multiplication with Magna-Tiles
  8. Clothespin Fractions from love2learn2day
  9. Roman Numerals on the Light Table
  10. Tally Marks Math on the Light Table
  11. Measuring with Magna-Tiles
  12. Tally Marks Math Tray

Math Patterning Activities for Kids

You can work on fine motor skills while exploring patterning with these simple and colorful ideas:

  1. Math Patterns on a Clear Geoboard
  2. Creating Math Patterns with Golf Tees from Buggy & Buddy
  3. Salt Tray Gem Pattern Making from The Imagination Tree

Shape Activities for Kids

Love all of these fun fine motor math activities that explore shapes from sorting them to building them!

  1. Making Shapes on Light Bright Geoboard
  2. Shape Building Challenge on the Light Table
  3. Shape Necklace Craft from Buggy & Buddy
  4. Clothespin Geometry from KC Edventures (pictured)
  5. Recreating Shapes on the Light Table
  6. Shape Sorting Fine Motor Sensory Bin from Stir the Wonder
  7. Building 3D Shapes on Windows

Sensory Math Activities for Kids

You can encourage your kids to explore mathematical concepts through sensory play. Try one of these ideas:

  1. Kinetic Sand Number Hunt
  2. Play Dough Subtraction Smash form Mama. Papa. Bubba. (pictured)
  3. Kinetic Sand Math Activity
  4. Kinetic Sand & Cups
  5. Cinnamon Number Salt Tray from Adventures of Adam
  6. Counting Ants Fine Motor Sensory Game from Stir the Wonder

Counting & One-to-One Correspondence Math Activities for Kids

There are lots of fun ways to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence with kids! Try some of these simple and fun fine motor math ideas:

  1. Simple Fine Motor Counting Math Tray (pictured)
  2. Counting & Addition Activity Tray from The Imagination Tree
  3. Learning One-to-One Correspondence on the Light Table
  4. Fine Motor Leaf Counting from The Mud Kitchen (pictured)
  5. Fine Motor One-to-One Correspondence on the Light Table
  6. Fine Motor Number Activity for Preschoolers from Fun-A-Day! (pictured)
  7. Guitar String Counting Game
  8. Math Activities Using Mega Bloks
  9. Garden Fence Counting String from Adventures of Adam
  10. Counting Flowers Fine Motor Math Tray from The Imagination Tree
  11. Counting with Beads & Pipe Cleaners from The Imagination Tree
  12. Fine Motor Math Game from Pre-K Pages
  13. Shower Curtain Ring Counting
  14. Ladybug Math Clip & Count {Free Printable} from Natural Beach Living
  15. Pumpkin Hammering Math Game from There's Just One Mommy
  16. Feed the Robin Fine Motor Counting Busy Bag from Sugar Aunts

100 Fine Motor Ideas

Homemade Math Manipulatives

Get your kids learning about math with these awesome homemade math manipulatives that also encourage fine motor skills.

  1. DIY Nesting Math Eggs
  2. Homemade Base 10 Manipulatives from There's Just One Mommy
  3. DIY Clothespin Number Line from Fantastic Fun and Learning
  4. Using Beads as Math Manipulatives from Life Over Cs

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50+ fine motor math activities for kids from And Next Comes L