Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Free Printable Calculator Word Riddles for Kids

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I remember finding it hilarious to spell words on a calculator when I was younger. So when I recently showed six year old J how to make his calculator say hello or hi, I wasn't shocked when he found it hilarious as well. But honestly, spelling words on a calculator seems to be the ultimate activity for kids with hyperlexia and hypernumeracy as it combines letters and numbers into one. So, unsurprisingly, this free printable calculator word riddles for kids was right up his alley and has entertained him for hours!

This activity is also a great speech and language activity to work on WH questions and comprehension, something kids with hyperlexia really struggle with. I explain how to use it as a speech tool below.

Free printable calculator word riddles for kids - a fun math and literay activity for kids using a calculator from And Next Comes L

Fun Math & Literacy Activity for Kids: Calculator Word Riddles

For this activity, you will need:

  • Free printable calculator word riddles pack (link to download below) - There are 80 riddles in all!
  • Calculator
Print, cut, and laminate (optional) the calculator word riddle cards. Encourage your child to read the question out loud and read the numbers before entering the "secret code" into the calculator. Or you can read the question out loud and have your child answer it by decoding the answer. Both offer the chance to practice oral comprehension. Once the number has been entered, flip the calculator upside down to read the secret answer.

I purposely phrased all of the questions on these calculator word riddles as WH questions as a way to work on comprehension with my hyperlexic and hypernumerate son. Due to the hyperlexia, he struggles with WH questions so these cards are a great way to take his interest in numbers to work on speech and language skills. You can find more resources for working on WH questions and comprehension on this hyperlexia resources page.

The questions on these cards also explore concepts like pronouns, opposites, and acronyms. It also gives definitions for specific words, which is a great way to expand my son's vocabulary. So it definitely has lots of speech and language applications! How sneaky of me, right?

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Free printable calculator word riddles for kids - a fun math and literay activity for kids using a calculator from And Next Comes L