Sunday, July 24, 2016

Creative Ice Activities for Kids that are Perfect for Summer

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12 fun ice activities for kids. A great way to keep cool this summer!

It has been so, so hot here lately. Like ice cream melting faster than you can lick it, dripping down the cone and on to your hand, hot. So, needless to say, we've been looking for ways to keep cool, which is where these exciting ice activities come in.

I mean what better way is there to beat the heat than a little water sensory bin or some refreshing ice play, right?

On this particular day though, I figured water just wasn't going to cut it. We needed something colder. Much, much colder. So I grabbed a bag of ice. Okay, more like a couple of ice cube trays worth of ice. Then I started thinking about different ways we could play with the ice cubes.

The result is this collection of ice activities for kids. And I just know you're going to love these ideas!

Fun ice activities for kids to try this summer

You've Got to Try these Ice Activities for Kids!

Now, if you look on Pinterest, you'll find lots more fun ice activities than the ones I'm going to share with you shortly. Fun things like ice tower excavation activities or fizzy ice sensory science or colorful ice boats. But, honestly, those ideas all require planning ahead and prepping the activity a day in advance. And that's not really how I roll...I'm more of a grab some ice cubes from my freezer and do something now kind of person.

However, if you're up for planning things the night before, you could make some colored ice cubes for the kids to play with. Just color the water before you freeze it. 

But honestly, playing with regular old ice cubes is more than enough fun for most toddlers and preschoolers. Seriously, sometimes it's best to just keep things simple.

So whether you just need a quick sensory activity or you actually want the kids to learn while they play, you're going to love these simple ice activities. They are great for kids of all ages. They're also low prep, simple, and inexpensive. They make use of what you already have on hand too, which is nice. And, most importantly, they're perfect for a hot summer day.

Okay now head on over to CBC parents to read about these simple play ideas. Then go grab a bag of ice because it's time to cool off!

Creative & cool ice activities for toddlers and preschool kids - great sensory play ideas for summer!