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The Best DIY Sensory Swings for Kids

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Sensory swings are great for kids with autism or sensory processing issues. Here's a collection of DIY sensory swing tutorials that will teach you how to make a sensory swing for cheap!

There's nothing I love more than a good sensory hack.

Okay, maybe there are a few things I love more, but regardless, I think sensory hacks are awesome. They're great for budget-conscious families and can be customized to your child's needs and preferences.

Of all the sensory hacks that I have done myself, the homemade sensory swings are always my favorite.

My oldest J is a vestibular sensory seeker, so swings are practically our best friend, especially during the long cold winters. So I thought I would roundup a collection of amazing homemade sensory swings for kids. These swings are perfect for kids with autism and/or sensory processing issues.

Sensory Swings: DIY tutorials for making your own DIY indoor sensory swing for kids

Sensory Swings for Kids: DIY Tutorials to Make Your Own DIY Indoor Sensory Swing

1. Homemade Taco Sensory Swing (pictured) - Even if you can't sew straight, I promise that you can still whip up this swing in about an hour. It's inexpensive to make too!

2. Hanging Cocoon Swing with Free Knitting Pattern (pictured) from Craft Passion - This knitted swing is stunning. Absolutely stunning! It's on my mom's to do list as a Christmas gift for the boys.

3. DIY Woven Wrap Swing - Find out how to convert a baby wrap into a sensory swing with this quick and easy DIY.

4. DIY Ball Swing - This swing is tricky to stay balanced on, but it's super easy to put together for an afternoon of vestibular sensory input.

5. DIY 20 Minute Skateboard Swing from Little Bit Funky - It says it only takes 20 minutes to make this swing so that's awesome! This swing would be great for working on balance.

6. Easy DIY Round Platform Swing - You might be surprised at how simple this tutorial is and you'll be even more surprised by what is used for the base of the swing!

7. DIY Hammock Chair Swing from A Beautiful Mess - This DIY hammock chair swing is gorgeous! It looks comfy too.

8. DIY Platform Swing Tutorial from Reese Dixon - Love this colorful platform swing tutorial!

9. Rope Swing from Preschool Powol Packets - This rope swing may be simple to set up, but it would provide lots of great vestibular sensory input.

10. Homemade Bolster Swing from Sensory Processing - This DIY version of the "hotdog swing," as we like to call it, looks great. It has been on my to do list for awhile.

11. DIY Bungee Swing from Holly's Art Corner - This swing was the inspiration for our DIY round platform swing tutorial!

12. DIY Rope Disc Swing (pictured) from Dukes & Duchesses - Disc swings are super tricky to stay balanced on, but they're a great way to build core muscles and give the kids vestibular sensory input. This tutorial looks easy!

13. DIY Platform Swing from Play at Home Mom LLC - A great tutorial for making a regular platform swing.

14. DIY Indoor Sensory Swing from Teach Me Mommy - I love this simple DIY sensory swing tutorial! My kids love stretchy swings like this.

What You Might Need to Hang These DIY Sensory Swings

In order to hang up a DIY indoor sensory swing, you might need some of the following supplies:

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