The Best DIY Sensory Tools, Autism Hacks, & Sensory Swings

Tutorials for DIY indoor sensory swings and other DIY sensory tools and autism hacks.

If you have a sensory seeking autistic child like I do, then you're probably familiar with terms like vestibular or proprioceptive.

Well, to target those specific sensory systems, I have come up with quite a few DIY sensory hacks for kids over the years.

From homemade sensory swings and a homemade sensory tunnel to DIY chewelry options and a no sew crash mat for kids, these DIY sensory tools and autism hacks are budget friendly, easy to make, and loads of fun for the kids!

Sensory swings tutorials, DIY sensory tools, and other autism hacks for kids

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DIY Sensory Tools & Autism Hacks

I'm super frugal so when it comes to finding sensory tools, I prefer to try the DIY route first to save a bit of money. Because let's face it...sensory swings, body socks, sensory tunnels, and whatnot are expernsive!

Here are all of the different sensory hacks that we have come up with.

Sensory Swings You Can Actually Make

Installing a sensory swing in our basement was one of the best things we ever did, especially with our long cold winters here on the Canadian prairies. So if you are looking for a DIY indoor swing tutorial, then these will be right up your alley!

The best DIY sensory tools, sensory swings, and autism hacks for kids