Monday, August 12, 2019

Free Pokemon Printables for Kids

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15+ awesome free Pokemon printables, templates, and activity sheets for kids.

My kids are Pokemon obsessed and have been since well before Pokemon Go was released.

We've done many Pokemon activities and crafts over the past year and I've even designed some free printables for my boys as well.

I've even made Pokemon birthday cakes as elaborate as Rayquaza!

So whether your kids have been long-time fans of Pokemon, like mine, or only got into it since Pokemon Go came out, they are going to love this collection of amazing Pokemon printables.

Here are some of the best free Pokemon printables for kids. There are awesome learning games, cool paper toys, fun coloring pages, active movement cards, and so much more on this list!

Free Pokemon printables, templates, and activity sheets for kids

Free Pokemon Printables & Activity Sheets for Kids

1. Free Pokeball Coloring Pages - Let your kids design and color their own pokeballs with this awesome free printable.

2. Pokemon Evolution Paper Toys: Bulbasaur & Charmander from Red Ted Art - Okay, these paper kaleeidocycle paper toys are insane! You can literally watch the Pokemon evolve before your eyes!

3. Pokemon Evolution Flextangles: Eevee & Squirtle from Hattifant - More evolving Pokemon paper toys. Seriously, these are so cool!

4. Free DIY Pokemon Cards Template - Your kids will love designing their own Pokemon creatures and energy with this free printable template. It's available in two sizes, allowing kids both big and small to join in on the fun.

5. Pokeball Printables from Merry Printables - Print and assemble your own pokeballs to put Pokemon into with these free printables.

6. Pikachu Grid Art Printable from Royal Baloo - Here's a cute way to get your kids drawing and writing with Pikachu!

7. Free Printable Pokemon Action Cards - There's over 50 different movements and actions to perform with these Pokemon action cards. Best of all, all the movements found on these cards are based off of real moves that the Pokemon characters have. It's definitely for your die-hard Pokemon fans!

8. Free Pokemon Coloring Pages from Kids Activities Blog - If your kids are into coloring, then they are going to love these free coloring pages.

9. Pokemon Badge Case Printables from Merry Printables - Print off some Pokemon badges and make a case with these free printables.

10. Pokemon Inspired Letter Matching Game from Totschooling - If your kids love Pokemon and are learning their letters, this letter matching game is really cute.

11. Pokemon Movement Cards from Royal Baloo - I love these printable movement cards. They include an image of the Pokemon character and are similar to our action cards, just not with as many moves.

12. Pokemon Inspired Multiplication Game from Royal Baloo - This free printable game would be perfect for J since he loves math and Pokemon.

13. Pokemon Evolution Endless Cards from Hattifant - Another amazing Pokemon paper toy that the kids can play with to watch Pokemon evolve before their eyes! So cool!

14. Pokemon Evolution Cards from Red Ted Art - Get even more amazing Pokemon evolution cards here.

15. Pokemon BINGO, Bookmarks, Calendars, & More from DLTK - There are tons of free Pokemon printables on this website, but we particularly love the Pokemon BINGO cards.

Free Pokemon printables for kids