Thursday, May 09, 2019

Awesome Pokemon Cakes {That You Can Actually Make!}

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Planning a Pokemon birthday party? These Pokemon cakes are fun (and pretty easy) that anyone - yes you! - can actually make them.

I'm not a baker nor do I pretend to be one, but I do love making homemade birthday cakes for my boys.

And I's not that hard to make a really cool Pokemon birthday cake for your kids!

Seriously, if you can bake a cake (it doesn't even have to be from scratch), use a knife, and are capable of slapping some colorful icing on said cake, then you can handle making any of these easy Pokemon cakes.

You don't need to use fondant for these cakes either (that crap is nasty anyway!). Just give me good ol' buttercream icing any day. Mmmmm!

Ready to impress your kid with an epic Pokemon birthday cake for their next birthday? I've got you covered!

Pokemon cake ideas

5 Fun Pokemon Birthday Cakes for a Kid's Pokemon Birthday Party

1. Pokeball Cake (skill level: easy)

If you have round cake pans and can manage to follow a recipe for making a cake, then you can easily whip up a Pokeball cake. This tutorial can even be simplified. Simply skip the fancy piping technique and use a knife to spread the red and white icing onto the cake. You'll probably still need to use a piping/icing bag to add the black stripe though.

2. Togepi Pokemon Cake (skill level: easy)

This cake is made from one round cake pan and uses just a little bit of cutting. Super easy with a great step-by-step tutorial.

3. Easy Pikachu Cake (skill level: easy)

If you're not too familiar with Pokemon, I bet you still at least recognize and know who Pikachu is.  This Pikachu cake was the first Pokemon cake I ever made for my kids and it was super easy. All you need is two round cakes to get you started. Cut one, but not the other, and piece it together.

4. Leafeon Pokemon Cake (skill level: medium)

It doesn't have to be a Leafeon cake. You can follow this tutorial to make any of the Eevee evolutions into a fun birthday cake. All you need is a rectangle cake, a good inspiration image, and semi-decent knife skills. You'll love the awesome tip in this tutorial about how to make a cutting template!

5. Rayquaza Pokemon Cake (skill level: hard, but not as difficult as it looks)

I used two round cakes to make this masterpiece, but you could easily just bake a rectangle cake and cut out the shape. I just really wanted a snake-like look to the finished cake. While this Pokemon cake was definitely one of the harder birthday cakes that I've made over the years, it really wasn't as hard as it may appear at first glance. But if I can make it, so can you!

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Pokemon cake ideas