Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10 Travel Games for Kids Using a Whiteboard

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Whenever we want to travel somewhere, which really isn't that often at all, we like to let the kids pack a few toys, books, or items to play with. However, they have other ideas and usually want to bring everything they can possibly jam into a backpack. Most of those items they will read or play with once and that's it. So we limit what they can bring.

One thing that I will always be open to them bringing along is a whiteboard.

And some dry erase markers, obviously.

A whiteboard is so versatile, especially the magnetic ones, which is why it is such an awesome thing to pack while traveling. Here are 10 easy travel games for kids to play using a whiteboard. Keep in mind, there are lots of other ways to play too, but these are some of my kids' favorite ideas.

10 easy travel games for kids using a whiteboard from And Next Comes L

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Easy Boredom Buster Travel Games for Kids Using a Whiteboard

All you will need for these activities are a travel sized whiteboard, dry erase marker(s), and a cloth or eraser to wipe the board. These games are targeted towards school age kids, although some younger kids, such as preschoolers may enjoy these games and activities as well.

10 easy travel games for kids using a whiteboard from And Next Comes L
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