Sunday, November 13, 2016

Experts on Hyperlexia

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An introduction to some of the experts on the topic of hyperlexia.

Once you start learning about hyperlexia, there are two names that will crop up multiple times during your research: Phyllis Kupperman and Dr. Darold Treffert. Both of these individuals are highly respected in the hyperlexia community for their insight, experience, and research.

So, in case you are new to the hyperlexia label, then I want to make sure you know about these experts on hyperlexia. Take the time to read their work. Or even consider reaching out to them personally.

Meet two well known experts on hyperlexia

Hyperlexia Expert: Phyllis Kupperman

The founder of the Center for Speech and Language Disorders, Ms. Kupperman has spent years working with hyperlexic children and researching hyperlexia. Some of her research and resources include:

Many families in the hyperlexia support groups have shared their positive experiences working with and speaking with Ms. Kupperman. You can find out more about her work and how to contact her here. Ask for a copy of her manual Hyperlexia: Therapy That Works. I just recently learned about and read this manual and it is a fantastic resource!

Surprisingly, I, myself, have never reached out to her, despite hearing all the wonderful things about her and her research. 

Hyperlexia Expert: Dr. Darold Treffert

Dr. Treffert has proposed the three types of hyperlexia based on his personal observations. He writes a lot about his observations, including these articles:

When I first published our hyperlexia story, Dr. Treffert reached out to me personally. I was thrilled to hear from him! I also shared his video discussion about hyperlexia here if you are interested in hearing about his opinion and experiences on the topic.

The Other Experts on Hyperlexia: People With Hyperlexia & Their Families!

Of course, there are no better experts on the topic of hyperlexia than hyperlexic individuals themselves and/or their families. They know first hand what it is like to be hyperlexic or to raise a child with hyperlexia.

Now, if you are new to hyperlexia, then you certainly won't feel like an expert on the topic. I know that I didn't. I was absolutely clueless! I still feel clueless some days, even though I consider myself quite knowledgeable about hyperlexia at this point.

However, you are likely already an expert on your child and what their strengths and weaknesses are. That's what makes YOU the best advocate for your child with hyperlexia. 

And trust me, advocating for a child with hyperlexia is tricky, especially when no one's heard of the diagnosis.

So become an expert on hyperlexia yourself.

Read everything you can about hyperlexia, including personal stories and research on the topic. Join hyperlexia support groups and connect with other hyperlexia parents. Learn from them and see glimpses into their experiences. Reach out to the professional experts that I've mentioned above and see if they'd like to share some wisdom and insight with you. Observe and learn from your hyperlexic child.

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