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I've already revealed that my oldest son has hyperlexia and hypernumeracy and that I was disappointed in the lack of resources for parents dealing with a new diagnosis. Since publishing my This is Hyperlexia post, I've been trying to collect resources for parents like myself and for educators who will be working with a child with hyperlexia. Just like myself, my son's teacher had never heard of the term before either and as a result, she was unsure of how to help him be successful in the classroom. It is my hope that this list of hyperlexia resources can help parents of children with hyperlexia connect with other parents, help parents understand a diagnosis that may be completely unfamiliar to them, and provide suggestions and strategies to educators who work with our amazing little kids with hyperlexia. And of course, I also want to raise awareness for hyperlexia because most people, myself included up until November 2014, are unfamiliar with the diagnosis.

Hyperlexia resources for parents & educators from And Next Comes L

Please note that this list of resources will be updated regularly. This post also contains affiliate links.

Where to Start

These are the must reads when it comes to learning about hyperlexia. They are the most helpful resources that I have come across (or written!) so you'll definitely want to start with these:

Hyperlexia Resources on And Next Comes L

Books About Hyperlexia

Pamphlets, Research Articles, Newspaper Articles, & Bibliographies About Hyperlexia

Personal Stories About Hyperlexia

Online Communities for Parents of Children with Hyperlexia

Videos of Hyperlexia


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