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40+ Calm Down Tools for Older Kids {Free Printable}

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Teaching coping skills to older children and teens is important for emotional self-regulation. This free printable list of calm down tools and strategies for older kids is a great resource for parents!

The thing about kids with autism, anxiety, or sensory issues is that they grow up. Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of resources for parents of older children, pre-teens, teens, and yes, even adults.

You can easily find lots of calm down strategies and suggestions for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children, but there is a gap when it comes to older kids and up. Where are the calming strategies for older children?

Obviously, my kids are still quite young, so I don't have experience with pre-teens, teens, and adults with anxiety, sensory processing disorder, or autism. However, my oldest is already seven and is already requiring a different set of tools in his calm down kit than he did over the past few years.

So if you have been thinking of making a calm down kit geared towards an older child, then look no further than this list of 40+ calm down tools for older kids. I have also included a free printable for you to keep handy while shopping for items for the calm down kit.

Calm down tools and toys for older kids from And Next Comes L

This post contains affiliate links.

40+ Calm Down Tools for Older Kids

There have been numerous times where people have commented that my list of 40+ calm down ideas for kids is geared towards smaller children, which it is, and have wished that there was a solid list of ideas for older children. So whether you want to build a calm down kit for older kids or you just want a list of awesome calm down tools, then look no further than this list of 40+ calm down tools for older kids!

  1. Chewing gum - We like Pur Gum and Glee Gum
  2. Hard candy like lollipops, jolly ranchers, Ring Pops, or anything else that can be sucked on
  3. Noise canceling headphones for listening to music or audiobooks
  4. Hearing protection ear muffs
  5. Punching bag or bop bag
  6. LEGO kits
  7. Book of yoga poses or yoga pose cards
  8. Weighted blanket
  9. Calming essential oil spray
  10. Rescue Remedy spray
  11. Blank notebook/journal and writing utensils
  12. Coloring books
  13. Skipping rope
  14. Chapter books to read
  15. Activity books: dot-to-dots, mazes, crosswords, sudoku, etc.
  16. Stress balls
  17. Rubik's cube
  18. Wooden or metal logic puzzles or brain teasers
  19. Mini massager
  20. Scratch art doodle pad
  21. MP3 or iPod loaded with music, audiobooks, nature sounds, etc.
  22. Look and find books
  23. Kaleidoscope
  24. Weighted lap cushion
  25. Heated blanket
  26. Brain Quest cards
  27. Crunchy snacks
  28. Gummy snacks
  29. Doodle books
  30. Sound machine
  31. Craft kits: LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit | Knot a Quilt Kit
  32. Hand weights or small dumbbells
  33. Resistance/exercise stretchy bands
  34. Compression clothing
  35. Cat's cradle
  36. Mad Libs books
  37. Puzzles
  38. One player travel sized board games: Rush Hour | Laser Maze Logic Game
  39. Bop It, Simon, or similar game that uses auditory or visual input
  40. Eye mask
  41. Chew necklace
  42. Lava lamp
  43. Scented lotion
  44. Scented candles
  45. Sunglasses

Download the Free Printable Calm Down Tools for Older Kids List

Grab a copy of this free printable list. Then take it with you when you go shopping for easy reference.


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Free printable list of calm down tools for older kids from And Next Comes L

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Calm down tools and toys for older kids from And Next Comes L


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  1. Love this list! I've been trying to come up with some new coping skills for older kids, and these are great! Thanks so much! - Stacy Garcia, MA, LPC, NCC, Child and Adolescent Therapist, Creative Resilience Counseling

    1. Happy to hear that this list is helpful for you, Stacy!

  2. just amazed, so many great things here to help us all Dyan... wish I had already found your site so long ago.

    1. Well, I'm just glad you found me at some point!