Thursday, December 29, 2016

8 Gross Motor Exercise Ball Activities for Kids

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Burn off some of your kids' excess energy indoors with these fun exercise ball activities for kids!

We just went through an intense cold snap here in Saskatchewan, where temperatures hovered close to -40 C (not an uncommon thing to experience here, by the way). However, there was no snow.

Regardless, it was simply too cold to head outdoors, which means we have to find creative ways to blow off excess energy. Because, goodness knows, my boys have tons of extra energy!

So here are 8 gross motor exercise ball activities for kids that you can do right at home.

Ball exercises for kids

Therapy Ball Exercises for Kids that You Can Do Right at Home

Okay, be honest, what do you call these big exercise balls? 

A medicine ball? 

Stability ball? 

Gym ball? 

Yoga ball? 

I never know what to call it other than referring to it as the big purple ball...

Whatever you call it, these ball exercises for kids are great for two reasons. One, they're great for providing proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input and can double up as occupational therapy style activities for autistic and sensory kids. Two, they quickly burn off excess energy. A must when you have two boys and the weather is too freaking cold to go outside.

So grab an exercise ball (or whatever you want to call it!) and get ready to try one of these simple gross motor activities. 

You might need a few extra materials here or there, but all of the ideas use items that you likely have kicking around the house anyway. How easy is that?

I've shared my ideas over on CBC Parents. Just click the link below to get the full details!

Fun therapy ball exercises and sensory activities for kids