Friday, June 23, 2017

50 Self-Care Activities You Can Do Together With Kids

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A huge list of self-care activities for moms to do together with their kids. Includes a free printable list!

Self-care is something I really struggle with.

I find it difficult to put my needs ahead of others. 

See, I'm a giver and a carer.

So I hate acknowledging that I need help and therefore, never ask for it. Giving control over to someone else, when I know I can do it eventually, is hard for me. I guess in a way it feels like failing, even though I know I am not.

Perhaps I am too much of a perfectionist.

Or maybe it's the fact that I am usually just too darn tired to give myself the attention and care I require.

After all, raising kids is hard and exhausting. 

Raising quirky, neurodiverse kids is hard and exhausting. So I end up not having the energy to even consider my own needs.

However, I have been trying to be better at giving myself the self-care I need. It's important to do so. I am a much better person, and a much better parent, when I do. 

But finding time away to give myself the self-care I need is impossible. There's not too many people I trust to look after my kids for any length of time. That's why I'm focusing on finding self-care activities to do with my kids.

These activities are for you to do together with your kids to help both of you feel recharged because let's face it, most parents struggle to find time alone to do these things themselves. So why not include the kids!

By including them, I am helping them learn self-care skills themselves. I am helping them, and me, fill our coping skills toolbox and teaching them valuable self-regulation skills.

50 self-care activities you can do together with your kids from And Next Comes L

This post contains affiliate links.

50 Self-Care Activities You Can Do With Kids

This list of ideas is designed to make you laugh, relax, breathe, and generally just have fun with your kids. They are activities that you can do together to make you both feel recharged. They will reset your day and help you and your child feel refreshed!

  1. Have a dance party
  2. Play a game (our current favorites are Ticket to Ride, Hogwarts Battle, and Dragonwood)
  3. Unplug and read a book (we are currently reading through the Harry Potter books)
  4. Exercise
  5. Go for a bike ride
  6. Go for a walk or a hike
  7. Cuddle up and watch a movie
  8. Paint your nails
  9. Diffuse essential oils
  10. Draw, paint, or craft
  11. Journal
  12. Write a collaborative story
  13. Bake or cook a meal
  14. Order take out or go out for supper
  15. Drink warm beverages
  16. Do some Mad Libs
  17. Just play!
  18. Watch music videos on YouTube
  19. Go swimming
  20. Go to the library and pick out books
  21. Tell jokes
  22. Meditate
  23. Do yoga
  24. Blow bubbles
  25. Garden
  26. Go on a picnic
  27. Swing at the park
  28. Go out for ice cream
  29. Give each other back or foot massages
  30. Call or FaceTime with family or friends
  31. Watch funny videos on YouTube
  32. Listen to music
  33. Take a nap
  34. Learn something new (instrument, language, hobby, etc.)
  35. Listen to an audiobook
  36. Write poetry
  37. Skip rocks on a pond
  38. Make an inspiration collage
  39. Go fishing
  40. Go berry picking
  41. Explore a new museum, park, or area of your town or city
  42. Scrapbook
  43. Take silly pictures together
  44. Write things you like about yourself and your child on a list and have them to do the same
  45. Plan a trip to somewhere you've never been before
  46. Do a puzzle
  47. Brush and/or braid each other's hair
  48. Lay in a hammock and cuddle, read a book, and/or talk
  49. Build a fort and play a game or read a book inside it
  50. Go to a pet store and watch the fish swim around


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