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Homemade Pikachu Costume

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This tutorial for making a homemade Pikachu costume for kids is so easy! Your kids will be begging you to make them a Pokemon Halloween costume like this!

I remember my mom making almost all of the Halloween costumes that I wore as a kid. It always made me feel incredibly special, knowing that no one else would have a costume like me. 

So even when my boys were babies, I wanted to make homemade costumes for them too. However, I skipped a few years of making them simply because we were given awesome hand-me-down costumes. 

Then last year, the boys requested Pokemon costumes. 

And I don't know about you, but the store bought costumes look so cheap and utterly terrible sometimes. Besides, trying to find specific Pokemon characters, such as Squirtle, which K requested (tutorial here), would prove to be quite difficult. Especially on short notice.

A quick Google and YouTube search lead me to an amazing Pikachu onesie tutorial that I knew would work perfect for making virtually any Pokemon character. So with that inspiration in mind, I dashed to the fabric store to spend a good hour or two perusing and touching all the different fabrics, just hoping to find a decently priced fabric that would work. Fabric is so expensive here in Canada!

Then I found the perfect bright yellow material in the clearance racks and I was officially ready to whip up this homemade Pikachu Halloween costume just days before Halloween. 

And it turned out faaaaaabulous!

How to make a homemade Pikachu Halloween costume for kids from And Next Comes L

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How to Make a Pikachu Halloween Costume

For this costume, I used:

  • Yellow fabric (fleece was too darn expensive!)
  • Brown fabric
  • Velcro
  • Hot glue gun
  • Felt: black, white, and red
  • Elastic (for wrists and ankles)
  • Paper, tape, and pencil to create the patterns
  • Pillow stuffing
I created a pattern using existing clothes and followed the video tutorial found below to make the Pikachu costume. Instead of using buttons or snaps though, I opted for velcro because buttons and snaps can be tricky for J to manipulate.

I also made the costume generous in size for two reasons. One, if I am going to make a costume like this, then I want to get at least a couple of years out of it. Two, we live in Saskatchewan where some Halloweens can be mild and others can require a full snowsuit to be worn underneath. So it's best to be prepared for all weather conditions!

Our Finished Pikachu Costume!

The hood of this Pikachu costume turned out so ridiculously cute! With a little bit of felt and some hot glue, it was easy to put the finishing touches on.

Homemade Pikachu costume for kids from And Next Comes L

Adorable Pikachu costume for kids from And Next Comes L

Most importantly, J thought it was the best costume ever and happily wore it to show off at school. It was also plenty warm with a small jacket and fleece pants underneath to go trick-or-treating in. It also looked fantastic next to our two Pokemon themed jack-o-lanterns, don't you think?

Tutorial for making a Pikachu Halloween costume for kids from And Next Comes L

Another change I made was to make the tail larger. I thought the tail was much too small in the video tutorial. Since the tail was large, it meant it could drag on the ground. So I added some velcro to the tip of the tail so that it could be velcroed up between the shoulders. It also meant I could unvelcro it and J could still sit comfortably and safely in his car seat with the costume on.

Tutorial for making a Pikachu Halloween costume for kids from And Next Comes L

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How to make a homemade Pikachu Halloween costume for kids from And Next Comes L
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