Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pokeball Perler Bead Craft

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Looking for a simple Pokemon craft for kids? Try making this pokeball perler bead craft!

At our house, Pokemon is life.

We read a lot of Pokemon books. We play a lot of Pokemon Go. We make a lot of Pokemon crafts. I even just made two Pokemon birthday cakes, one for each boy, this past weekend.

My kids have also really gotten into perler bead crafts. 

In fact, one of the first perler bead crafts my kids made was this pokeball. This pokeball perler bead craft for kids is super easy to make and can be turned into a keychain or magnet for your child to proudly display wherever they please.

Easy Pokemon craft for kids - make a pokeball out of perler beads from And Next Comes L

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Pokemon Craft for Kids: Make a Pokeball Perler Bead Project!

To make your own pokeball perler bead craft, you'll need the following items:

Use the photo below as a pattern to make your own pokeball on the pegboard.

Pokeball perler bead craft for kids from And Next Comes L

Place a sheet of ironing paper over top of the completed design and run a warm iron over top of the paper until the beads start to melt and fuse together. Carefully flip the creation over and cover the backside with some ironing paper. Melt the backside with a warm iron.

Then when the beads are melted and still warm, I like to place a stack of textbooks on top to make sure the design stays flat. 

That's it!

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Easy Pokemon craft for kids - make a pokeball out of perler beads from And Next Comes L