Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Zoey & Sassafras Printable Pack

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If your child loves the Zoey & Sassafras book series, then they'll love this free printable pack of games.

One issue that I ran into after discovering J's early reading ability due to hyperlexia was the lack of good chapter books for early readers. The choices were limited and the ones that were appropriate for his age were not that great of a read, unfortunately.

Fast forward a few years and we finally find a book series that is PERFECT for early readers. The Zoey & Sassafras series is a hit at our house as you can tell by our need to make Sassafras the cat out of perler beads for K to play with.

I made this free set of printables to complement the book series and it includes lots of fun activities and games to help kids work on social skills, speech, and more!

Free printable pack of games for kids based on the book series Zoey & Sassafras from And Next Comes L

This post contains affiliate links. I received the first book of Zoey & Sassafras for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The book was so awesome I bought the rest of the series and now read them like ALL THE TIME with the kids. K is obsessed with Sassafras!

About this Zoey & Sassafras Printable Pack

This printable pack for kids is based on the book series Zoey & Sassafras, which currently has four books. I designed this pack with autistic kids in mind who might need extra practice with social skills, speech, language, and movement breaks. It includes:

  • Two barrier games
  • One matching game
  • "Thinking Goggles" poster
  • Set of brain break cards
  • One I spy game
  • Set of social skills task cards

Free printable pack of games for kids based on the book series Zoey & Sassafras from And Next Comes L

How to Download this Free Printable Pack

You will need a Teachers Pay Teachers account in order to download this printable pack. The printable pack is free.


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