Thursday, March 01, 2018

Free Social Story Templates

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Use these free social story templates to write your own social stories for kids! Three different blank templates are included.

While it's nice to be able to find lots of premade social stories online, sometimes they're not quite what you need. Maybe you need the social story to be more personalized. Or maybe you don't like the wording used in the free stories you find.

Sometimes you just need to write your own social story.

So to make it even easier for you to write the perfect social story for your child, I have included three free social story templates below.

Free social story templates autism

How to Use these Free Social Story Templates

Each of the social story templates below are two pages in length. One is the cover page that includes a place for the title and an image. The second page allows for one image and text. Simply duplicate or copy the second page for each page you need for your own social story.

To change the images, simply right click on the image placeholder and select remove picture or change picture. Then you'll be able to easily add your photo.

There are three templates: one for Publisher, one for Word, and one for Powerpoint.

Personally, I prefer to use Publisher to write social stories because the formatting stays in place better and it's easier to duplicate the pages. Powerpoint would be my second choice for the same reasons. Word is so finicky, but most people are familiar with Word. That's why I included it. But use what you are comfortable with or at least have the program for.

Writing a social story for the first time? You'll want to follow these social story writing tips!

Blank social story templates - free too!

Download the Free Social Story Templates

To get your copy, enter your name and email in the form below. The templates will come as a zipped folder, which you will need to extract.

This download includes three templates:

  • one for Publisher
  • one for Word
  • one for Powerpoint

Free blank social story templates so that you can easily write social stories for kids with autism


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