Friday, February 16, 2018

Where to Find Free Social Stories

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Looking to find some free social stories for children with autism? Then look no further than this list of social story resources!

Social stories have been a valuable tool for my son over the years. I have written quite a few personalized ones for him over the years and have witnessed how successful they have been for him.

But writing social stories on your own can be time consuming, especially if you want to include clip art and photos. It takes forever to find good photos to include!

So to save you time (and money!), here are some of the best places to locate free social stories for kids.

Where to find social stories for free

Free Social Stories Here on And Next Comes L

1. Free Printable Social Stories Library - I have created some free social stories for kids and will be continuing to add more in the future.

2. Free Potty Training Social Stories - A great collection of free printable and video social stories about toilet training.

3. Free Social Stories About Friendship - Lots of free printable and video social stories about friends: how to make them, how to keep them, and more!

4. Free Personal Space Social Stories - Whether you want a free printable or a video social story, these social stories about personal space are super helpful!

5. Free Social Stories About Sharing & Taking Turns - If your child needs help with sharing and taking turns, then try these free printable and video social stories.

6. Free Social Stories About Asking for Help - Want to teach your kids how to ask for help and when to recognize when they might need help? Try these social stories!

7. Free Social Stories About Transitions - Does your child struggle with transitions? Try one of these social stories!

8. Free Social Stories About Manners & Being Polite - From please to thank you, these social stories will help your kids learn about manners and being polite.

9. Free Social Stories About Going to School - These social stories are ready to help you rock the new school year!

10. Free Social Stories About Death and Funerals - Help your child understand and cope with the death of a loved one with these free social stories.

11. Free Social Stories About Getting a Haircut - Struggling with haircuts? You're not alone! Here are some social stories to help!

12. Free Social Stories About No Hitting - Lots of social stories to help the kids who hit others when they are angry or upset.

13. Free Halloween Social Stories for Kids - A massive collection of Halloween themed social stories. Includes printable social stories as well as video social stories.

Where to Find Even More Social Stories for Free

1. Social Stories Library from ABA Resources - There are so many printable social stories here! Topics range from school, safety, emotional self-regulation, and behaviors, just to name a few.

2. Folder Stories from File Folder Heaven - There are lots of free social stories here that cover topics such as washing hands, trying new foods, and apologizing.

3. Free Social Stories from Positively Autism - Not a huge collection of social stories, but still lots to choose from.

4. Huge Social Stories Library from One Place for Special Needs - There are literally pages upon pages of social story resources here, including printable and video social stories.

5. Social Stories Library from ISEA - A great list of social stories covering topics such as using my school voice, riding the bus, losing a tooth, hugging, and more!

6. Happy Learners Social Story Examples from Happy Learners - A huge collection of text only social stories from topics such as wearing clothes to personal space to lying. Lots to check out!

7. Huge Printable Social Stories Library from SPEDvisualsupports - This collection is massive! Includes stories on topics such as: asking to stop, asking adults for help, making mistakes, getting attention, masturbation, lining up, and so much more!

8. Social Stories Downloads from Head Start Center for Inclusion - While this social stories library is smaller than some of the ones mentioned above, it is worth mentioning that there are Spanish translations included. It's a great resource if you need a story in Spanish instead of English!

More General Resources for Finding Free Social Stories for Kids

1. Teachers Pay Teachers - You can find tons of printable social stories on TPT. Simply type in your keywords in the search bar and then select free in the leftside menu. You will need to create a TPT account first, but it's free to join!

2. YouTube - You can also find lots of video social stories for free on YouTube.

3. Pinterest - Pinterest can be a wonderful resource for locating specific social stories. The only downside is there are so many that it can be overwhelming.

Other Social Story Resources You'll Love

Where to find social stories for free