Thursday, March 29, 2018

Activities & Printables That Teach Kids How to Take Turns & Share

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Social skills resources, activities, and printables for helping you with how to teach turn taking and sharing to kids.

Turn taking and sharing can be tricky concepts for kids to master, but it is certainly an important social skill to teach your kids.

The social skills resources below will help make teaching kids how to take turns and share so much easier! With hands-on activity ideas and helpful printables, you're going to love these resources!

Turn taking activities & ideas for teaching kids how to share

Tips for How to Teach Turn Taking Skills to Kids

Practical advice and suggestions on how to best teach your kids the concepts of taking turns and sharing.

1. 8 Tips on How to Teach Turn Taking Skills

2. 4 Simple Ways to Practice Taking Turns from Encourage Play

3. Tips to Encourage Sharing in Your Children from Mama Instincts

4. 4 Tips to Teach Your Child to Share from The Realistic Mama

Free Printable Resources to Help Kids Learn About Taking Turns

These printable resources will help your kids master the hidden rules of sharing, build vocabulary, and visually guide them through the process of taking turns.

1. Free Visual Turn Taking Cue Cards

2. Free Turn Taking Hidden Rules Social Skills Printable

3. Free Printable Turn Taking & Sharing Social Script

4. Free Social Stories About Sharing & Turn Taking

5. Free Let's Take Turns Visual from Creative CiCi on Teachers Pay Teachers

Fun Activities to Help Kids Practice Taking Turns & Sharing

Around here, we believe in the power of play and hands-on learning. It's how kids learn best! These social skills activities will make practicing the social skills of taking turns and sharing much more fun!

1. Musical Imitation Game

2. Pom Pom Turn Taking Game from One Time Through

3. Pass the Ice Cream Sharing Activity from Sunny Day Family

4. The Sharing Ball from What Do We Do All Day?

5. Elephant & Piggie Shape Sharing Activity from Mosswood Connections

Other Turn Taking Resources

There are lots of other ways to make this social skill concept fun and easy to teach, such as by reading books together or singing songs about sharing.

1. Best Children's Books About Taking Turns & Sharing from Living Montessori Now

2. Taking Turns & Sharing Songs & Rhymes from Bits of Positivity

3. Picture Books that Teach Kids About Sharing from A Book Long Enough

4. Picture Books About Sharing from All Done Monkey

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Turn taking activities & ideas for teaching kids how to share