Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Free Social Stories About Sharing & Taking Turns

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Does your child have troubles with taking turns and sharing? These free social stories about sharing and taking turns are super helpful!

Learning how to take turns and share is something we work on a lot by playing board games together, but sometimes my son needs a bit of extra help with this area, like a lot of kids do.

I have shared 8 tips for teaching this particular social skill before and these tips are super easy to implement. Tips like using visual cues, social scripts about sharing, modeling, and learning about the hidden rules of turn taking, for instance, help autistic kids tremendously to learn the ins and outs of what's involved with sharing and taking turns.

However, some kids need more precise rules and guidelines for mastering social skills, so that's why social stories are helpful. They outline what is expected when it comes to sharing and taking turns with friends and family.

So if your autistic child needs a bit of help with turn taking and sharing, then you'll find these free social stories for kids about sharing and taking turns to be a great resource!

Free social stories for kids about sharing and taking turns

Free Printable Social Stories About Turn Taking & Sharing

These free social stories will help make teaching turn taking and sharing a breeze! I have not personally downloaded or sampled the social stories below, but decided to roundup what I could find for free. You'll need a Teachers Pay Teachers account (which is free!) in order to download the following stories.

1. Free Taking Turns Social Story from Iced Coffee Talk

2. Free Taking Turns Social Story from Calm Classrooms

3. Free Spanish Social Story About Sharing from Educating Everyone 4 Life

4. Free Sharing Comic Strip Social Story from ModelMeAutism

5. Free I Can Share with my Friends Social Story from Kelli Writes Social Stories

6. Free Sample: Tayla Teal Takes Turns Social Story from Rainbow Friends

Video Social Stories for Kids About Sharing & Taking Turns

Here are some handy video social stories that the kids will enjoy watching.

Other Social Story Resources You'll Love

Free social stories for kids about sharing and taking turns


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