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Free Social Stories About Asking for Help

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A collection of free social stories about asking for help. Below you'll find free printable and video social stories that teach kids what to do when they need help.

Many kids, regardless of age, could benefit from learning how to ask for help and when to ask for help. Admittedly, so could a lot of adults...(ahem, me included)

Sometimes kids just don't know what to say. Like they know they need help or they're confused or whatever, but they just don't know how to express that exactly. Well, that's where these free social scripts can come in handy. They're really helpful for hyperlexic kids in particular.

Other times they need to be shown the rules and expectations for asking for help in different settings, such as a classroom. For example, they might need to learn about raising their hand first before asking for help. Or they might need to learn how not to interrupt

Social stories can be a great way to specifically teach this skill of how to ask for help. Especially since they tend to break down the process into smaller steps and explain why each of those steps are important. But considering you're already here, you probably know how valuable social stories can be. Right? 

Below you will find a variety of free social stories about asking for help, including both printable and video formats. They'll hopefully be great resources for teaching your kids about this important aspect of self advocacy.

Free social stories about asking for help

This collection of social stories for asking for help was last updated on November 9, 2022. New stories were added (including video ones!), dead links were removed, and more details were provided to make sure you can find what you need quicker.

Free Printable Asking for Help Social Stories

Have you been looking for a social story about asking for help? Then look no further than these free social stories. Some of these stories require you to have a Teachers Pay Teachers account (which is free!) before you can download them.

I've rounded up some different options for you to explore. That way you can find the best asking for help social story for your needs. Remember, you can always simply use ideas from different stories below to write your own custom story (you can find free social story templates here by the way).

Please note that just because a social story is listed here does not mean I endorse its content. After all, many social stories tend to be poorly written and/or teach autistic masking. Besides, I haven't read all of these stories word for word myself. So please read through the stories carefully before using them with your child.

1. Things I Can Say When Asking for Help Social Scripts - Okay, it's technically not a social story. However, I think it's important to include this little book of things to say when asking for help. It gives kids the words they need to express themselves when they need help.

2. I Can Ask for Help Social Story for Boys from Socially Skilled Kids on Teachers Pay Teachers - This story is focused on boys and doesn't include a version for girls. However, it looks like it includes some great scripts that kids can say, which is perfect for hyperlexic kids.

3. I Need My Teacher's Help Social Story from Ashley Olson on Teachers Pay Teachers - This little social story isn't particularly detailed (it is only one page after all!), but it might do the trick in a pinch. Since it's small, you could probably tape it to a child's desk if need be.

4. Free One-Page Social Story About Needing Help from Autism Educators - This story is super simple and uses icons to match every word. For some kids, that might be beneficial, but for others, that might be super distracting. I personally find these kinds of stories hard/annoying to read. It's like those Geronimo Stilton books...hate those.

5. Asking for Help Social Stories from Happy Learners - There are two text only social stories here so no pictures included. The titles of these ones are "Asking for Help" and "I Can Ask for Help." The text from these ones might give you a good framework for writing your own story.

Video Social Stories About Asking for Help

These video social stories about asking for help might be useful for you. They outline a variety of the unwritten rules, so to speak, about when you need help. You can use these in teletherapy sessions, social skills groups, and/or classroom settings. Videos are always a great alternative to printing off a story.

Like the stories above, some of the wording in these videos aren't always great. But I wanted to make sure you had lots of options for teaching kids how to ask for help.

Can't Find Exactly What You Need? Try this Asking for Help Social Story!

Didn't find quite the right social story above? And don't feel like writing one from scratch? Well, sometimes the free social stories about asking for help above just aren't the right fit for what you need. Free isn't always necessarily better, after all.

But perhaps this social story for asking for help from my shop will be just what you need!

Asking for help social story for kids

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Free social stories about asking for help