Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Watermelon Slime

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This watermelon slime recipe is a perfect summer inspired sensory activity for kids. Find out how to make slime with this recipe!

Are the kids begging for slime time?

My kids do too.

All. The. Time.

So to keep things fresh and exciting, I like to try adding new things to our slime like when we made water bead slime or lavender scented slime. Our most recent creation was watermelon slime, which is super easy to make. Ready to find out how we make our slime?

How to make watermelon slime

How to Make Slime for a Fun Summer Inspired Sensory Activity for Kids

Slime is really easy to make and only takes a few ingredients. This watermelon slime uses our basic slime recipe as the base. But with a couple of additional items, it will be transformed into this fun summer inspired sensory play idea for the kids.

Now having said that, I really hate making slime. My kids love it, but me? Nope. I get it everywhere like on my pants, on the sunroom carpet, my camera...everywhere.


It's worth it though to see their smiles and hear their giggles as they stretch, pull, and twist the slime.

And besides, once I make a batch of slime, it can be kept for weeks and reused over and over. That means less slime making for me, hooray!

How to make watermelon slime