Friday, September 27, 2019

Free Social Stories About No Hitting

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A collection of free social stories about hitting others and why it's not okay, including some free printable social stories for kids.

Does your child hit others when they are angry, upset, or frustrated?

Does your child need a reminder that hands are not for hitting others?

Or maybe you are a teacher who has a child who's constantly hitting other students...

If yes, then these free social stories about no hitting are going to be super useful for you and your child. They explain why it's not okay to hit others and offer suggestions of what to do instead when upset or angry.

No hitting social stories for kids

Free No Hitting Social Stories

The following social stories include some free printable social stories about not hitting others. Some of the stories are text only and are meant to be examples of ones you could write in case you choose to write your own social story. Also, please note that these stories focus solely on hitting and do not necessarily include kicking, biting, or similar aggressive behaviors.

1. Social Story for Hitting from Stephanie Harrington on Teachers Pay Teachers

2. Hitting Social Story from Beyond Words Speech and Language Therapy on Teachers Pay Teachers

3. Gentle Hands - No Hitting Social Story from Rachel M on Teachers Pay Teachers

4. I Can Have a Safe & Calm Body - Social Story About Unsafe Behaviors from The "Feelings Teacher" on Teachers Pay Teachers

5. Hitting Social Story Examples from Happy Learners

Free Video Social Stories About How It's Not Okay to Hit

If video social stories are more your thing, here are a few social stories that talk about why it's not okay to hit others. I hope you find them useful.

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No hitting social stories for kids - perfect for reminding kids that hands are not for hitting


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