Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Free Printable ABC Themed Comprehension Language Prompts

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Free printable ABC kids themed comprehension and WH questions language prompts for kids with hyperlexia or autism.

We're constantly working on my hyperlexic son's comprehension skills.

But often, it feels like pulling teeth...honestly...

So I'm trying to make some highly engaging printables to help him with his comprehension and inference skills, hoping that his comprehension will one day catch up to his actual level of decoding and fluency.

This free printable comprehension language prompts pack focuses on kids playing with their beloved ABCs, much like a young hyperlexic kid themselves. Some of the questions focus on the hyperlexic child's interest in letters, words, and counting to make the activity as appealing as possible.

Free printable comprehension & WH questions language prompts for kids with hyperlexia or autism

About these Free Printable Comprehension Language Prompts

When I created this particular set of prompts, I decided to focus on hyperlexic kids. So I picked images of kids playing with their ABCs. My mindset was that having the alphabet present in the pictures would make it a more engaging activity for hyperlexic kids. I have read before that comprehension improves in hyperlexic children when the topic is of high interest to them, so that's my rationale (when I find the research paper again, I'll be sure to include the link)!

This set of language prompts is designed to help your child practice:

  • Describing what they see in the picture
  • Responding to questions about the picture
  • Putting their thoughts into words
  • Following directions
  • Pointing to objects in the picture when asked
  • Counting objects in the picture
  • Understanding what is asked of them
  • Scanning visually for objects
  • Answering WH questions
  • Making inferences
  • Explaining why they make those inferences

This pack of language prompts contains five pictures and a set of prompts to go with each picture. There are four sections of prompts for each picture:

  1. Describe the scene
  2. Search and find
  3. Answer WH questions
  4. Make inferences

How to Use these Comprehension Language Prompts

To use these prompts, simply pick one of the pictures from the pack and show it to your child. Then simply work your way through the coordinating prompts sheet to help your child describe, search, answer, and infer. I recommend using the order given on the prompts page, but you certainly don't have to go in that order.

Download the Free Printable Comprehension Language Prompts

This free printable comprehension language prompts is 12 pages long and includes five pictures with their own set of prompts. To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

>> Click here to download the free printable

Want More Comprehension Language Prompts?

You'll find even more topics in the big pack of comprehension language prompts!

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Free printable comprehension & WH questions language prompts for kids with hyperlexia or autism