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100 Simple Calm Down Strategies for Kids {Free Printable List Included!}

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A huge free printable list of 100 calm down strategies for kids. These are simple strategies kids can use to calm down when angry, upset, frustrated, or overwhelmed. The free printable makes an excellent addition to a homemade calm down kit as well.

My son needs a lot of help self-regulating some days so we are constantly introducing him to new calm down techniques

We already make use of our visual calm down cards and the various DIY sensory hacks that I have made for him, but we still haven't pinpointed the exact sensory calming strategies that work best for him on a regular basis. Some days certain calm down strategies work, but fail to help the next day.

Thankfully this list of 100 calming strategies for kids is massive, so we certainly have lots of strategies left to try!

Free printable list of 100 calming strategies for kids

100 Simple Ways to Calm an Angry Child

This list of calm down techniques for kids covers a wide range of sensory inputs, from oral motor to proprioceptive. So whether you kid finds chewing calming or being squished calming, there is something for everyone on this list! They're perfect for home or school. No need to wonder how to calm down a kid when you have this huge list of sensory calming strategies for children handy!

  1. Blow bubbles
  2. Chew gum
  3. Chew on a chewy toy, necklace, or bracelet (see: DIY Chewelry Ideas & Best Chew Necklaces for Kids)
  4. Complete a puzzle
  5. Use a fidget
  6. Use a weighted lap cushion or weighted stuffed animal (see: 13 DIY Weighted Blanket Tutorials)
  7. Wear a weighted vest or pressure vest (see: 10 DIY Weighted Vest Tutorials)
  8. Stretch and fidget with a stretchy resistance band (see: Homemade Stretchy Resistance Bands Tutorial)
  9. Crawl through a sensory tunnel (see: Homemade Sensory Tunnel)
  10. Wear noise reducing ear muffs
  11. Suck on hard candies
  12. Diffuse essential oils such as lavender (see: Essential Oils for Autism)
  13. Use Rescue Remedy spray
  14. Listen to music
  15. Listen to audiobooks
  16. Do some yoga
  17. Lay or bounce on a ball
  18. Sing the ABCs forwards or backwards
  19. Build with blocks or LEGO
  20. Go for a run
  21. Swing (see: Homemade Sensory Swings)
  22. Pet a cat or dog
  23. Draw with chalk
  24. Go for a walk
  25. Go to a quiet place
  26. Paint a picture
  27. Do a maze, dot to dot, or word search
  28. Read a book
  29. Count slowly forwards or backwards
  30. Ask for a hug
  31. Take a drink of water
  32. Wrap up in a blanket (weighted or not)
  33. Invert head or hang upside down
  34. Close your eyes
  35. Hum or sing a song
  36. Do some deep breathing
  37. Go for a bike ride
  38. Draw a picture
  39. Play hopscotch (mix it up with Rocket Hopscotch)
  40. Jump on a trampoline (see: Trampoline Safety Hack)
  41. Climb a tree
  42. Play an instrument and make music
  43. Do a heavy work activity (see: 50 Heavy Work Activities for Kids)
  44. Use a calm down bottle
  45. Do animal walks
  46. Dance
  47. Skip
  48. Do a cartwheel
  49. Take a bubble bath
  50. Drink a smoothie through a straw
  51. Make silly faces in a mirror
  52. Drink a warm beverage
  53. Look at an hourglass, lava lamp, or aquarium
  54. Rip tissue paper (see: Tissue Paper Sensory Bin)
  55. Bend and twist pipe cleaners
  56. Have a snack
  57. Pop bubble wrap
  58. Play with play dough, slime, or silly putty
  59. Look at a photo album
  60. Blow a pinwheel
  61. Squeeze a stress ball (see: DIY Pokemon Stress Balls)
  62. Tightly hug or squeeze a pillow or toy
  63. Wear an eye mask
  64. Listen to nature sounds
  65. Spin a top
  66. Use a mini massager
  67. Climb into a body sock
  68. Make a craft
  69. Play a one player board game (we love Rush Hour for this!)
  70. Rub some scented lotion on
  71. Wear sunglasses
  72. Light a scented candle
  73. Journal
  74. Color a picture in a coloring book
  75. Play with shadow puppets
  76. Blow a feather
  77. Blow a pom pom around using a straw
  78. Take a bath with Epsom salts
  79. Ask for a break
  80. Push against a wall
  81. Play with a sensory bin (see: List of 130+ Sensory Bin Fillers)
  82. Crash into a crash pad (see: DIY No Sew Crash Mat Tutorial)
  83. Take a shower
  84. Suck on ice
  85. Do some joint compressions
  86. Brush hair and/or skin
  87. Blow bubbles in a cup of water
  88. Smell scratch and sniff stickers
  89. Turn off the lights
  90. Read with a flashlight
  91. Play I spy (check out our massive collection of I Spy Printables)
  92. Braid your hair
  93. Climb a ladder or rock wall
  94. Use positive affirmations
  95. Hug someone
  96. Doodle on paper, whiteboard, or similar
  97. Use visual calm down cards or posters (see: Free Printable Visual Calm Down Cards)
  98. Stretch
  99. Play with a pet
  100. Trace your hands with your finger


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Free printable list of sensory calming strategies for children

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