Thursday, March 21, 2019

Free Printable WH Question Word Posters

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Are you working on teaching your kids about WH question words? These free printable question word posters are a great reference guide for understanding the different WH question words.

WH questions are usually tricky for hyperlexic kids to understand and master. In fact, it's best to teach these concepts directly to them and practice them over and over.

By improving their understanding of WH questions, you'll also be improving their comprehension - another area of difficulty common to to kids with hyperlexia.

These free printable posters about WH question words are a great tool for helping your kids understand the different WH questions and why, when, and how we use them.

Free printable WH question word posters

About these Free Printable WH Question Word Posters

These free printable posters are perfect for hanging in a classroom or for assembling into a reference book for your kids.

Each of the different question words are defined, one per page, so that your child can tell when to use the different WH questions.

This printable is nine pages total and includes nine different posters. There is one poster for each of the following WH question words: what, when, who, why, where, how, which, and whose. The ninth poster is one showing all of the question words.

To get your copy of this printable pack, simply click the link below.


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Free printable WH question word posters