Saturday, May 25, 2019

10 Calming Alphabet Sensory Bottles that are Perfect for Kids with Hyperlexia

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These alphabet sensory bottles are perfect for kids with autism or hyperlexia who love their ABCs. They'll be the perfect calming strategy to add to their calm down kit.

Adding a sensory bottle to your child's calm down/anxiety kit is a great idea, especially if those tools reflect your child's interests.

Now, if you have a hyperlexic child like I do, then your child is probably obsessed with the letters of the alphabet. Maybe they like other alphabets too (I'm going to guess Russian for sure here).

And I'm going to guess you own more sets of ABC manipulatives, toys, and craft supplies then you'd care to admit...

Like ABC beads.

Or alphabet confetti.

Or alphabet foam shapes.

Yep, I'm guilty of buying all of the above (and more!) for my son.

Well, now you can take all of those itty bitty alphabet things and make one awesome alphabet sensory bottle (or two!) for your hyperlexic child.

Alphabet calming bottles for autism and hyperlexia

Calming Bottles for Kids with Autism or Hyperlexia Who Love the Alphabet!

I've got sensory bottles with rice and one that glows, but all incorporate the alphabet in some way, which is precisely what you need, am I right? Your kids will love to help make an alphabet calming bottle with you so show your kids all the options below and then let them pick their favorite to try!

1. Alphabet Calm Down Bottle from Preschool Inspirations (pictured)

2. Alphabet Sensory Bottle with Rainbow Rice from The Letters of Literacy

3. DIY Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Sensory Bottle from Homeschool in Jammies

4. Letter Matching Sensory Bottle from The Letters of Literacy (pictured)

5. Alphabet Discovery Bottle from No Time for Flash Cards

6. Word Find Sensory Bottle from Ryan & Marsha

7. Glowing ABC Sensory Bottle from Where Imagination Grows

8. Rainbow Alphabet Sensory Bottle from Modern Preschool

9. Lightweight Alphabet Search Sensory Bottle from The Chaos & The Clutter (pictured)

10. Magnetic Alphabet I Spy Bottle from Nuturestore

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Alphabet sensory bottles for autism and hyperlexia