Friday, May 24, 2019

5 Amazing Autism Blogs That You Should Follow to Get the Best Autism Parenting Tips & Advice

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A list of the best autism blogs for autism parenting tips, advice, and resources.

I recently came across a list of the best autism blogs for 2019.

I clicked it out of curiosity, just in the rare case it might actually be a good list of blogs.

Unsurprisingly, that was not the case.

Instead, I was greeted with a list of pretty terrible looking logos, filled with puzzle piece imagery, mixed together with some pretty controversial and quite ableist, but popular, autism blogs.

Out of the whole list, there was only one blog that I would for sure recommend (one of which is below). There were a couple of blogs that I had never heard of, but honestly, I was resistant to check them out considering who else was included in the list (that is, the first few names kind of ruined the list immediately for me).

Surely there was something better that could be offered to parents of autistic children, like myself, then that rather gross list of so-called autism blogs (tell us how you really feel, am I right??).

So, naturally, I put together my own list!

Here are what I think are the top autism blogs that you should follow for autism parenting tips and advice. They're my personal favorites!

Best blogs about autism for parents to read

The Best Autism Blogs for Parents to Follow

Obviously, this list isn't exhaustive (it is only a list of 5 blogs, after all), but it's a list of my favorites.

Yep, a list of the blogs that I actually physically read on a regular basis.

And I know there are tons of other great autism blogs out there, but like I said, these are the ones that I regularly visit and read.

Now I could easily put my name on this list, but considering you're already here reading it, I'm going to say that you already think I fit into the best autism blogs category (thank you, what an honor!)...or at least, I hope you think that...Besides, it's not right to nominate myself. Right? Right...

But this isn't a list of autism parent blogs or autism mommy blogs (that term makes me cringe, by the way).

Instead, I wanted this list to focus on sharing autism blogs that are primarily authored by actually autistic adults. I believe that it's incredibly important for parents of autistic children to read and learn from their perspectives.

I also wanted this list to focus on blogs that have been extremely helpful to me as a parent. You know, the blogs that have helped me to grow as a person and learn new things. They are also the blogs that encouraged me to think, evaluate, and question what I thought I knew about autism and about raising an autistic child. They have helped to reassure me when I wondered if I was doing enough for my son or if I was making the right decision. And they have been there to validate the decisions we have made.

So be open, read, listen, and learn because these blogs contain a wealth of information about how to raise and parent an autistic child.

1. The Aspergian

Hands down, The Aspergian is my absolute favorite for learning from a variety of actually autistic voices and for learning more about neurodiversity. I learn something new from every single article I read on this blog.

If this website is new to you, I highly recommend starting off with the article "It's a Spectrum" Doesn't Mean What You Think, as it is a fantastic read!

2. Thinking Person's Guide to Autism

One of the first blogs and Facebook pages I ever followed about autism was The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism. As the name of the blog suggests, their mission is to be a "one-stop source for carefully crafted, evidence-based, neurodiversity-steeped information from autistic people, parents, and autism professionals."

So it's a great blog to read if you love to dig into research and read evidence-based articles.

3. Autistic Not Weird

I've been following this blog for as long as I can remember. There are so many good posts on this blog, but I'd start with these two:

4. Neurodivergent Rebel

I feel like I have followed Neurodivergent Rebel on Facebook and Instagram for a long time, but I only recently realized that she has an actual blog too *facepalm* She shares her insight as an autistic woman and offers lots of great suggestions for parents.

One article of her's that I loved is Why I Say “Congratulations” When Someone is Diagnosed Autistic. It talks about how a diagnosis can be empowering. It just depends on what you do with the information.

I also enjoyed the article What Autistic Kids Need From an Autistic Adult.

5. Autistic Mama

The author of this blog, Kaylene, is autistic herself and she's also raising an autistic child. She shares insights into being autistic, as well as tips for parenting an autistic child. A recent article that I enjoyed is Autism Therapy Red Flags All Parents Need to Know and Watch Out For, but she's got some really good articles about avoiding that one major autism charity and its colorful autism campaign, in case you want to dig into those.

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