Wednesday, May 22, 2019

20+ Epic DIY Fidget Toys for Kids & Teens

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Looking for homemade fidget ideas? Then try one of these epic DIY fidget toys that are designed to keep little hands busy. There's things that spin, things to squeeze, and even homemade fidget ideas for the classroom.

Many kids are fidgety and need something to keep their hands busy. They might bite their fingernails or twirl their hair, for instance. Or they might grab whatever is nearby and fiddle with that in their hands. A fidget toy can be the perfect solution to help them stay focused and regulated.

Maybe you know a kid who wiggles and squirms, doodles all the time, or has to be constantly touching and fiddling with something. 

That's my son too. 

We know that fidgets can help him pay attention and stay focused, so we always make sure to have lots of fidgets available for him.

However, it can be expensive buying a bunch of fidget toys, especially if you don't know which ones your kid will enjoy. They might use it for a few minutes and decide they don't like it. Or maybe they find it challenging to use. That's why it's nice to do a little "try before you buy" with some homemade fidget toys.

So whether need something for home, for school, or for on the go, you'll love this list of DIY fidget toys. You'll find things that spin, things to squeeze, things to manipulate, and more on this list!

How to make homemade fidget toys

Homemade Fidgets Your Kids Will Love!

Do you have a child that is constantly moving something around in their hands? They might enjoy twisting, twirling, braiding, rotating, zipping...Well, below you will find a great list of DIY fidgets that are all about keeping little hands and fingers busy.

1. DIY Finger Fidget from Your Therapy Source

2. Soda Tab Fidget Toy from STEAMsational

3. DIY Fidget Bracelet with Built-In Marble Maze from de Jong Dream House

4. Homemade Duct Tape Endless Cube from Frugal Fun for Boys & Girls

5. Endless DIY LEGO Fidget Cube from Lemon Lime Adventures

6. Homemade Rubber Band Fidget Ring from The OT Toolbox

7. DIY Fiddle Key Rings Fidget Toy from Party Through the USA

8. Endless DIY LEGO Fidget from Lemon Lime Adventures

9. Yarn Dolls You Can Braid Over & Over from The Craft Train

10. DIY Zipper Bracelet Fidget Craft from Moms & Crafters

11. DIY Fidget Zipper Pull from The OT Toolbox - If your child likes to chew on things, try this DIY chewable zipper pull instead.

How To Make a Fidget Toy That Spins!

There's just something so mesmerizing about things that spin around and around. Many kids love watching things spin. And many autistic people stim with things that spin (learn more about what stimming is here). So if your child loves to watch things spin too, then check out these awesome fidget toy ideas.

1. How to Build a LEGO Fidget Spinner from Frugal Fun for Boys & Girls

2. Easy DIY Fidget Spinner with Free Template from Red Ted Art

3. DIY Paper Ninja Fidget Spinner from Red Ted Art

4. DIY Paper Fidget Toy that Spins from Red Ted Art

Make Your Own Fidget Toys to Squeeze & Touch

Some kids prefer to squish, squeeze, and/or rub or touch fabric. For these tactile sensory seekers, things like DIY squishy stress balls or fabric fidgets might be the perfect DIY fidget choice then. Here are some great homemade fidgets to check out.

1. DIY Pokemon Squish Stress Balls - But you could easily make any kind of fun themed squishy stress balls!

2. No Sew Mermaid Fabric Fidget Bag from Lemon Lime Adventures

3. DIY Emoji Squishy Stress Balls from The Chaos & the Clutter

DIY Fidget Toys for the School Classroom

Looking for the perfect DIY desk fidget tool? Try these ideas! You can make a fidget for your child's desk, their chair, or their pencils...the possibilities are endless!

1. Homemade Stretchy Bands Foot Fidgets - Put this around the desk legs to use as a hand fidget or around chair legs to use as a foot fidget

2. DIY LEGO Spinner Pencil Topper from Teach Me Mommy

3. Homemade Desk Fidget Tool from The OT Toolbox

4. DIY Pencil Topper Fidget from The OT Toolbox

As you can see, it's so easy to make your own DIY fidget toys. Which one are you going to make first?