Monday, May 13, 2019

The Best Guided Meditation Videos for Kids {That Are Under 15 Minutes}

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Teach your kids meditation with this collection of awesome guided meditation videos for kids on YouTube.

You don't need an expensive or fancy app to try meditation at home with your kids.

In fact, it's pretty easy to get started with kids meditation, especially when you use free guided meditation videos for kids on YouTube.

These meditation videos use imagery that appeal to kids and include things like superheroes, cats, outer space, butterflies, and rainbows.

And they're also short!

Each video on this list is under 15 minutes, most are even under 10 minutes in length, making them a great list of videos for beginners (or for those big kids at heart!).

Some of these videos also teach skills like deep breathing and positive affirmations.

So if you are ready to try meditation with your kids (especially after reading about the benefits of meditation for kids), then these guided meditation YouTube videos are the perfect resource to get you started!

Free meditation guide videos for kids on YouTube

Meditation Videos for Kids on YouTube

Below is a collection of short YouTube meditation videos for kids. 

Each video on this list is under 15 minutes, with some videos being as short as five minutes. That means you will find videos that you can gradually work up to as you and your child practice meditating.

If you are new to kids meditation, then remember that you want to start small (get more tips on how to start meditation for kids here). So be sure to pick a meditation that reflects your child's interests and is a length that they can manage. Also, be sure to preview the entire meditation video beforehand to ensure it will be suitable for your child.

13. Climbing Up Guided Meditation

14. Cozy Cats Guided Meditations

15. Bye Bye Boat Guided Meditation

16. Sleeping Dragon Guided Meditation

17. Space Breathing Guided Meditation

18. Melting Flow Meditation

19. Bring it Down Meditation

20. Rainbow Breath Meditation

21. On & Off Meditation

22. Victorious Meditation

23. Be Kind to Yourself Meditation

24. Strengthen Your Focus Meditation

25. Relieve Anxiety Meditation

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Free meditation guide videos for kids on YouTube


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