Monday, May 13, 2019

The Best Meditation Videos for Kids {That Are Under 15 Minutes}

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Teach your kids how to meditate with this collection of awesome meditation videos for kids on YouTube.

You probably already know that there are lots of benefits of meditation for kids (and adults too!). I mean why else are you reading this post about mindfulness meditation videos right now?

While you could definitely use an expensive and/or fancy app to try meditation at home with your kids, you don't need to. There are plenty of free resources available to get you and your kids started with guided meditation. And one of the best places to start is YouTube!

Yep, it's pretty easy to get started with kids meditation when you use free meditation videos for kids on YouTube and I'll show you how.

About this List of Meditation Videos for Kids

Below you will find the best meditation videos that appeal to kids. They use imagery kids will enjoy and include things like superheroes, cats, outer space, butterflies, and rainbows. Or, in my kids' case, numbers and counting because #hypernumeracy.

But most importantly, these videos are short. Because let's be honest, kids have short attention spans. The same goes for most adults starting meditation too! So any mindfulness practice you introduce should be relatively short.

Now each video on this list is under 15 minutes. Some are as short as 2 or 3 minutes and are perfect for newbies. Whereas others are over 10 minutes and something you gradually work up to as you and your child practice meditating. 

Some of these videos also teach skills like how to do mindful breathing or use positive affirmations.

If you are new to kids meditation, then remember that you want to start small (get more tips on how to start meditation for kids here). So be sure to pick a meditation that reflects your child's interests and is a length that they can manage. Also, be sure to preview the entire meditation video beforehand to ensure it will be suitable for your child.

Okay, let's take a look at those meditation YouTube videos. 

Short YouTube Meditation Videos for Kids

Here are some short meditation videos that are under 10 minutes in length. These the are the perfect videos to get you and your child started.

1. Balloon Guided Meditation Video - Perfect for a quick afternoon meditation session, this 6 minute video is all about finding a red balloon, which should be pretty easy for any kid to imagine and visualize.

2. Time Out - If you need a quick guided mindfulness video, definitely give this one a try. It's all about learning to take time out for ourselves. Basically, teaching self care. It features a cute monkey drawing and is just over 5 minutes long.

3. Wiggleflop Body Scan Meditation - This video is 7 minutes long and teaches kids the differences between a moving body and still body.

4. Starfish Guided Meditation - Pretend to be a starfish in this 6 minute mindfulness activity.

5. Flopometer Body Scan - My kids love this one since it's very much like a video game where you try level up. It's sure to get your kids giggling! It is just over 7 minutes long.

6. Cozy Cats Guided Meditations - Cats are such a perfect symbol for representing relaxed and calm, especially given how much they sleep all day. In this 8 minute video, kids will imagine they are warm, cozy cats.

7. Melting Flow Meditation - This 3 minute video is great for anxious and worried kids who tend to freeze when scared.

8. Bring it Down - Kids will learn how to gain control when they feel overwhelmed in this 3 minute meditation video.

9. On & Off  - This effective mindfulness meditation is only 4 minutes long. It encourages kids to do muscle tightening exercises, which is a great worry shrinking strategy.

10. Be Kind to Yourself - In this 4 minute video, kids practice saying some affirmations.

11. Strengthen Your Focus - This 4 minute focus meditation video encourages kids to move and stay balanced as they focus on a green dot.

12. Bubble Bounce - A quick guided mindfulness activity that is designed to help your child improve their focus. The video itself is only 4 minutes.

More Mindfulness Meditation Videos for Kids

Once your child has gotten the hang of some of the effective mindfulness meditation videos from above, you can start to increase the length little by little. Here are some other great videos to try that are around 10 minutes in length or longer.

1. Moon & Stars - This guided mindfulness video is almost 10 minutes, but it's perfect for any space loving kid!

2. Butterfly Meditation - This one encourages kids to imagine a butterfly flying through a meadow. Again, this story meditation is around 10 minutes in length.

3. Magic Treehouse Guided Meditation - If you're ready to try a longer mindfulness meditation with your kids, then this one definitely fits the bill! It's just over 11 minutes in length. And I know the kids will probably enjoy trying to imagine themselves as a marshmallow person!

4. The Tickle Pixie - At almost 10 minutes in length, this activity walks kids through how to notice the tiny sensations that they can feel in their bodies.

5. Rainbow Waterfall - Explore a magical forest in this 10 minute meditation for kids.

6. Sleeping Dragon Guided Meditation - A 10 minute kids relaxation story about a dragon.

7. Climbing Up - This 13 minute guided meditation is all about building up confidence in your child as they climb an imaginary ladder.

8. Superhero Flying Story Meditation - Think your kid is ready to handle some even longer mindfulness videos? Then try this 15 minute one that is all about pretending to be a superhero.

Mindful Breathing: Videos to Teach Kids Deep Breathing Techniques

Learning how to take deep, slow breaths is an important skill for anyone to learn, especially kids and teens. So if you're looking for a short mindfulness breathing activity, try one of these videos that focus on teaching kids deep breathing techniques.

1. Cosmic Counting - Anything with numbers is sure to be a good fit for my kids so, unsurprisingly, my kids enjoy this one. In this 6 minute breathing video, you will count your breaths.

2. Space Breathing - In this 7 minute video, kids will learn how to do some actual mindful breathing.

3. Rainbow Breath Meditation - Sneaking in a mini mindfulness session? Try this 4 minute video.

4. Square Breathing Video - Take a quick mind break and practice square breathing with this super short 2 minute video.

5. Belly Breathing - A very common deep breathing technique that everyone should learn. This breathing video is nice and short too (only 4 minutes long).

6. Relieve Anxiety Meditation - This 4 minute video uses props and your body to help you visualize what it's like to inhale and exhale during deep breathing.

7. Rainbow Relaxation: Kids Mindfulness - Love this visualization for breathing in and out!

I hope you enjoy these meditation videos for kids!

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