The Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness and Meditation for Kids

All about mindfulness for kids, including mindfulness activities for kids, meditations for kids, grounding techniques, mindfulness printables, and more!

Mindfulness might seem like a buzzword these days, but it's something everyone - yes you - should learn.

It's a great way to get in touch with what's happening in the present moment, both inside you and around you. And can help you self-regulate, feel less stressed, and just be more content.

Below you'll find tons of activities, printables, exercises, and techniques to teach your kids about mindfulness.

Resources for teaching mindfulness to kids

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a mental state where you are consciously aware of something.

It's when you focus on the present moment, acknowledge what you are feeling, thinking, and sensing.

"Mindfulness is the moment-to-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings and outside environment." - Paddy Brosnan, This Works: How to Use Mindfulness to Calm the Hell Down and Just Be Happy

These resources are designed to introduce your kids to mindfulness.

Mindfulness Exercises & Grounding Techniques for Kids

Lots of different mindfulness exercises and grounding techniques to teach your kids plus tons of printable resources too!

Deep Breathing Resources for Kids

Deep breathing is a perfect mindfulness exercise for kids. Here are some resources to help teach your kids how to do deep breathing.

Meditation for Kids

Curious about teaching your kids meditation? Below you'll find resources to help you get started with teaching meditation to kids.

Calming Mindfulness Bottles

Calm down bottles. Glitter jars. Sensory bottles. Mindfulness bottles. There's a whole bunch of different names, but regardless of what you call them, these sensory bottles are a perfect tool for working on mindfulness with kids.

As you can see from the resources above, there are lots of different ways to teach kids about mindfulness, from practicing deep breathing with printable resources to watching videos and reading books.

Mindfulness for kids plus meditations, printables, and grounding techniques to teach your child