Monday, May 27, 2019

The Best Social Skills Activities for Kids to Improve Listening Skills

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Looking for fun listening games? Try one of these fun listening activities for kids!

Most parents, if not all, comment about their kids not listening to them at some point. You wonder:

Why won't my kids listen?

How do I get a child to listen and follow directions? child won't listen to me!

You know we've all been there...

We all get to a point where we repeat ourselves relentlessly, over and over, and yet, the kids still don't do what we've asked.

And you know developing good listening skills is important. It's why you're here, right?

So let's dive into these 50 fun listening games and activities for kids!

Listening skills games

50 Fun Listening Games & Activities for Kids

Below you will find tons of creative listening activities for kids. Some of these listening games require little to no prep and/or use no materials. Others explore music and art. And then there are others that encourage you to explore nature and head outdoors.

1. 10 Listening Games for Kids - Simple and classic games your kids will love!

2. Sound Matching Hearts Game - Can you use only your ears to match sounds?

3. Musical Imitation Rhythm Game - Can you play back a rhythm that you hear? You can also try clapping rhythms instead!

4. Two Simple Drum Games - Can you walk in sync with the beat of the drum? Can you beat the drum in sync with a metronome?

5. Musical Hide & Seek - A spin on a classic!

6. Pool Noodle Phone - Try whispering to yourself or others with this idea!

7. Listening Activity with Blocks from Hands on as we Grow

8. Outdoor Listening Walk Activity from Fantastic Fun & Learning

9. Do Three Things Listening Game from Inspiration Laboratories

10. Back to Back & Ear to Ear Listening Game from Mosswood Connections

11. Can You Copy What You Can't See Drawing Game from NutureStore

12. Bird Sounds Listening Activity from Things to Share & Remember

13. Sound Buckets Listening Activity Inspired by Horton Hears a Who from JDaniel4's Mom

14. What's Missing Listening Game for Groups from Let's Play Music

15. 20 Listening Games & Activities from Virtual Speech Center

16. Listening Walk Activity with Free Printable from Teach Preschool

17. Super Simple Listening Game from Go Explore Nature

18. Homemade Listening Tubes from New Creation Preschool

19. Listen & Find Word Search from No Time for Flash Cards

20. Fill the Backpack Listening Game from Little Bins for Little Hands

21. The Rain Game from Moments A Day

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