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15 Super Fun Trampoline Games for Kids

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Looking for fun games to play on a trampoline? Try one of these fun outdoor trampoline games for kids like the classic crack the egg game or a trampoline ball game.

When you have a sensory seeking kid who likes to jump all the time, like I do, then investing in a trampoline is certainly a great idea.

Both of my kids love the trampoline and spend hours on it year round. We jump when there's snow. We jump when there's rain. We jump when it's sunny. It doesn't matter what the weather is when it comes to having fun on the trampoline.

Here are 15 super fun trampoline games that kids of all ages (yes, even that child within you!) will love.

Fun trampoline games to play

But First...A Disclaimer for These Outdoor Trampoline Games

Use common sense and adult supervision when playing these trampoline games. I am not responsible for any injuries that result from playing the games listed below. Use these games at your own discretion.

Ideally, you want to use a trampoline with a net, but if you are still rocking an old school trampoline like we are, then you can try this trampoline safety hack to help make your trampoline a wee bit safer.

Fun Trampoline Games

What games are fun on the trampoline? Well, I'm glad you asked because here's some of our favorite games to play on the trampoline. Many of these games I played as a kid myself!

1. Crack the Egg Game (aka Pop the Popcorn)

One person sits in the middle of the trampoline, pulls their legs tight to their body, and holds their legs with their arms, pretending to be an egg. Everyone else jumps to try and get the egg to crack (i.e., they let go of their legs).

2. Slithering Snake

This game needs at least three people and a skipping rope. Two people hold onto one end of the jump rope and wiggle it along the middle of the trampoline so it looks like a slithering snake. The other person tries to jump over the jump rope snake. If they touch it, then they lose!

For a fun variant, move the jump rope up and down, instead of side to side, to create waves or flames for the person to jump over.

3. Poison: An Easy Trampoline Ball Game

You'll need as many balls as you can find for this activity. Add them to the trampoline and start jumping. Here's the catch though...the balls are poison and you have to try and avoid them. When a ball touches you, you're out. The last person standing wins!

4. Four Corners

I remember playing this game a lot as a kid. I also remember it being the game where I got a black eye in grade four...ah, memories!

This game works well if you happen to have a rectangular trampoline, but since most people have round or oval trampolines, you might need some chalk for this game. Divide the trampoline into four zones by drawing chalk lines for each zone on the trampoline.

The person designated as "it" stands in the middle of the trampoline with their eyes closed and counts to 10. All the other players walk or jump around, picking one corner to stand in. When the person who is it says the number 10, everyone freezes and stops moving. With their eyes still closed, the person who is it will point to a corner. Whoever is standing in that corner is out of the game.

5. Horse Style Trampoline Game

If you are familiar with the basketball game horse, then this game is tons of fun to play. One person performs a trick (e.g., a butt stomp, a spin jump, etc.). Then the other players try to copycat and perform the trick themselves. If they can't do the trick, they get an H, then on subsequent turns, O-R-S-E. If you spell HORSE, then you're out of the game.

6. Telephone Style Trampoline Game

Everyone sits at the edge of the trampoline. One person performs a trick and then sits back down. The next person does the same trick and then adds a trick of their own. Then the next player performs the previous two tricks and adds another. Keep repeating this sequence until someone messes up the sequence of tricks. Whoever messes up the sequence is out of the game. Continue playing until there is only one player standing.

7. Bum Wars

This game starts with everyone bouncing on the trampoline until someone chants, "1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a bum war!" All players immediately do a butt bounce and try to land on their feet afterwards. However, you can only jump on your feet once. If you double jump, then you're out!

8. One, Two, Three, Sit!

For this game, everyone stands in a circle on the trampoline. One person says, "1, 2, 3, 4, sit!" When the person says sit, everyone sits down on the trampoline at the same time.

9. Pool Noodle Trampoline Games

Grab some pool noodles and try a few of these ideas:

  • Have a jumping pool noodle sword fight
  • Play the poison game mentioned above with pool noodles instead of balls
  • Play the slithering snake game using a pool noodle (instead of a skipping rope) that a person wiggles back and forth

10. Hot Potato

You'll need one soft ball for this game. A water balloon also works! A player is designated as "it" and stands on the ground while everyone else stays on the trampoline. The person who is it throws the ball at the players on the trampoline. The people on the trampoline have to try and catch the ball. If a person drops the ball, gets hit by it, or stops jumping, they are out. Keep playing until there is only one player standing.

Even More Fun Trampoline Activities for Kids

Here are some of our other favorite ways to play on the trampoline, but aren't necessarily a "trampoline game" per se.

1. Sprinkler Jumping

Sprinkler jumping is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Simply, grab your swimsuit, put a sprinkler on underneath the trampoline, and start jumping. Please note that the trampoline gets extremely slippery when wet so please be careful with this activity.

2. Chalk Drawing

My kids love to draw on the trampoline using chalk. It washes off easily with some water or during a rain shower. You can even draw games on the trampoline using the chalk like we did for this trampoline time telling game for kids.

3. Trampoline Basketball

This activity is a pretty much a daily occurrence for my kids. We pull their adjustable plastic basketball hoop right to the edge of the trampoline and let them jump and slam dunk to their heart's content.

4. Jumping with Water Balloons

My kids absolutely love to do jumping with water balloons. Blow up some water balloons, put them on the trampoline, and start jumping. Watch the balloons pop and explode as they bounce. Again, the trampoline will get super wet so please be careful with this activity.

5. Snow Jumping

Trampolines aren't just for summer you know...head outside in the winter after a fresh snowfall to try some snow jumping. It's a lot of fun! Please note it does get slippery on the trampoline when there's snow so again, use your discretion.

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