Friday, October 25, 2019

Fall Mindfulness Activities for Kids

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Fall themed mindfulness activities for kids, including deep breathing exercises, gratitude crafts, and ideas for doing fall yoga for kids.

Fall is a busy time for most families. It starts with back to school season and the scheduling of after school activities. Then the holidays quickly approach and then the next thing you know it's already Christmas.

Despite your busy schedule, there's certainly lots of ways you can sneak in some mindfulness practice with your kids.

From yoga to deep breathing to gratitude crafts, there's tons of great fall mindfulness activities for kids below that will help you slow down and just be a touch more present this fall.

Mindfulness for kids: fun fall themed activities to teach mindfulness to your kids

Fall Themed Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Here are some wonderful fall themed mindfulness activities for kids, including deep breathing exercises, five senses ideas, and fall sensory bottles. There's even a couple of free mindfulness printables included below.

1. Fall Leaf Deep Breathing Exercise {Free Poster!}

2. 12+ Fall Sensory Bottles for Mindfulness

3. Free Mindful Leaf Tracing Printables from Rock Your Homeschool

4. Pumpkin Deep Breathing Exercise from The OT Toolbox

5. 8 Fall Mindfulness & Gratitude Activities for Kids from Counselor Keri

6. Describe a Pumpkin Using the 5 Senses from Gift of Curiousity

7. Free Printable Autumn Mindfulness Walk Worksheet from Flow and Grow Kids Yoga

8. Free Printable Autumn Nature Hunt Bingo from Such a Time as This

Guided Meditation for Kids with a Fall Theme

There are lots of benefits of meditation for kids. I know the idea of a kid sitting still and quiet for a handful of minutes seems practically impossible. But with a little bit of practice - and a whole lot of patience - it is totally doable.

New to meditating with kids? Here are some great tips to get started with meditation for kids.

Otherwise, feel free to share these short guided meditations with your kids.

Fall Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a great mindfulness tool for kids. Here are some awesome yoga poses and sequences that are inspired by fall that the kids will love!

1. Fall Themed Yoga from Pink Oatmeal

2. 5 Fall Yoga Poses Using a Chair from Kids Yoga Stories

3. 10 Autumn Yoga Poses from Kids Yoga Stories

Gratitude Crafts for Autumn

Gratitude and mindfulness pretty much go hand in hand. Expressing gratitude encourages kids to focus on the many things they are thankful for instead of focusing on all the bad things that aren't going their way. Here are some great fall inspired gratitude crafts.

1. Paper Bag Gratitude Tree Craft from No Time for Flash Cards

2. Handprint Tree of Thanks Craft from Fun Handprint Art

3. Magnetic Thankful Tree from The Educator's Spin on it

4. Gratitude Leaves & Tree Craft from Creative Family Fun

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