Wednesday, October 23, 2019

15+ Halloween Themed Sensory Bottles that are Calming for Kids

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How to make Halloween themed sensory bottles that are a perfect addition to your child's calm down kit.

Calm down bottles are such a great tool for anxious kids who worry.

They help kids self-regulate when they're overwhelmed and they make for a great visual stim.

And most importantly, they work. Yep, there's just something about watching the glitter or other items swirl and spin around. It's so mesmerizing. And yes, it can help calm your child when they're feeling overwhelmed or are trying to deal with anxiety or other big emotions.

So if you want to switch things up in your child's calm down kit this Halloween, then try making one of these awesome Halloween sensory bottles.

Halloween Calm Down Bottles for Toddlers & Preschoolers

One thing I love about sensory bottles is that they are great for kids of all ages, even babies.

Another thing I love is that the possibilities are endless in terms of what you create. You can fill the bottles with all sorts of materials. You can even make them glow in the dark! And you can literally make calm down bottles based on any of your kid's interests or the seasons.

Since Halloween's coming up, why not make your own Halloween sensory bottle or jar? Get inspired with these awesome ideas.

1. Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Sensory Bottle from Pre-K Pages

2. Spooky Spiderweb Halloween Sensory Bottle from Little Bins for Little Hands

3. Easy Halloween Glitter Sensory Bottle from Simple Everyday Mom (pictured)

4. Monster Eyes Sensory Bottle from The Soccer Mom Blog

5. Two Simple Halloween Sensory Bottles from Fun at Home with Kids

6. Frankenstein Sensory Bottle from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails (pictured)

7. Glow in the Dark Ghost Sensory Bottle from Rhythms of Play (pictured)

8. Halloween I Spy Bottle from One Time Through

9. Jack-O-Lantern Water Beads Sensory Bottle from Teach Me Mommy

10. Glowing Pumpkin Halloween Sensory Bottle from Rhythms of Play

11. Quick & Easy Halloween Sensory Jars from Sunshine & Holly

12. Easy Halloween I Spy Bottles from Of Learning & Nesting

13. Glow in the Dark Halloween Sensory Bottle from Teaching Mama

14. Colorful Halloween Sensory Bottle from Childhood 101

15. Candy Corn Discovery Bottle from Preschool Inspirations

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