Thursday, February 13, 2020

Free Social Stories About a New Baby

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A collection of free social stories about becoming a big brother or big sister and having a new baby in the family, a teacher being pregnant, and more!

I'll preface this by saying I'm not pregnant just in case anyone I know reads this and is like whaaaat?

But I do remember how hard the transition was for J when we first brought K home.

A social story like one of these below definitely could have helped prepare him for what to expect, even if he was just shy of age two at the time.

So if you're expecting a baby and want to prepare your autistic child for the transition to this big change, then you'll love these free new baby social stories for kids.

Printable social story new baby in the family

Free Printable Social Stories: New Baby, Pregnancy, My Teacher is Having a Baby, & More

Below you will find a wide variety of free printable new baby social stories. Everything from my teacher is pregnant to becoming a big brother or sister, there's a variety of ways this topic can be presented in day to day life.

Most of these, unfortunately, use clipart instead of real photos. But, remember, you can always use these stories as inspiration for writing your own to suit your needs.

Some of these social stories require you to have a Teachers Pay Teachers account, which is free.

1. Gender Neutral New Baby Social Story for Preschoolers from Dana Hearnsberger on Teachers Pay Teachers

2. New Baby Social Story from The Traveling Therapist on Teachers Pay Teachers

3. Preparing to be a Big Brother or Big Sister from Kidmunicate

4. Pregnancy Social Story: Mom is Having a New Baby from Little Puddins

5. New Baby Sister from Patricia Keane on Teachers Pay Teachers

6. My Teacher is Having a Baby from Autism The Teen Years on Teachers Pay Teachers

7. The New Baby is Here Social Story from Sara Curran Behavior Consulting on Teachers Pay Teachers

8. My New Brother Social Story from A Latte Lucky Charms on Teachers Pay Teachers

9. New Baby in the Family (written for a girl expecting a baby sister) from Amy Ravert on Teachers Pay Teachers

Free Video Social Story About a New Baby

As an alternative, you could try this social story instead.

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