Monday, June 22, 2020

Free Social Stories About Moving

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Free printables for kids

Need a social story about moving? Below you'll find lots of free social stories about moving to a new house.

Moving to a new house involves a lot of changes, which can be hard for a lot of kids to process and/or accept. Even more difficult if your child struggles with transitions.

Your child might be saying goodbye to friends, family, and/or teachers. Or maybe it's their friend who is moving away that they're having troubles understanding.

Whatever the case, you'll find lots of free social stories about moving below to help.

Free social stories about moving to a new house

Free Social Stories About Moving

Not sure what kind of moving social story you might be looking for, especially since it might be the child who is moving or it might be a friend who is moving away. Regardless, you'll find some social stories below to help with either situation.

I've also included some social stories about going to a new school as that often goes along with moving to a new house.

1. Preparing to Move Social Story from Kidmunicate

2. My Family is Moving to a New House Social Story (text only) from Social Stories: Power Tool for Autism

3. Moving to a New Home Social Story from All the Words

4. When My Friend Moves Social Story from The Nomadic SLP on Teachers Pay Teachers

5. My New School Social Story from Adaptable Ed on Teachers Pay Teachers

6. My New School Social Story from Preschool Speech

Free Video Social Stories About Moving to a New House

The video social stories below are more for inspiration purposes as they mention specific towns, cities, and/or people's names, but they should help give you an idea of things to include if you decide to write your own social story using one of the free templates.

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Need a social story about moving to a new house? Then you'll find this collection of moving social stories helpful.


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