Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Alphabet Themed Ideas for Simon Says

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Looking for ideas for Simon Says? Try these alphabet themed Simon Says ideas for kids and be sure to grab a copy of the free printable list.

Simon Says is a classic childhood game that has lots of benefits. It can help with body awareness, vocabulary, following directions, giving directions (if they get to be Simon!), listening and paying attention, sequencing (if you give multiple commands in one), and motor development. Just to name a few.

Essentially, playing Simon Says is a quick and easy way to work on a variety of social skills.

Now, when it comes to hyperlexic kids, it's best to use their interest (usually letters!) to entice them to try new things and work on new skills. 

This list of alphabet themed Simon Says ideas is a perfect way to encourage them to join in and play because it combines their love for letters into a game, all while sneakily working on important skills.

ABC themed Simon Says ideas for kids

Simon Says Ideas for Each Letter of the Alphabet

Here are 26 ideas for Simon Says, one for each letter of the alphabet. You'll also find a free printable list below.

1. Arms up

2. Balance on one foot

3. Clap your hands

4. Downward dog pose

5. Eyes closed

6. Flex your muscles

7. Give a thumbs up

8. High five someone

9. Imitate an animal (could be a noise or how they walk)

10. Jump up and down

11. Kick your legs

12. Lift your shoulders up towards your ears

13. March in one spot

14. Nod your head

15. Open your mouth wide

16. Pat your belly

17. Quietly shush (could even place a finger over their mouth as they shush)

18. Run in place

19. Stomp your feet

20. Touch your toes

21. Unicorn horn (use your hands to form a horn on your head)

22. Victory dance

23. Wave hello

24. X with your arms (cross your arms to form an X)

25. Y pose (stand with legs together and then arms out to form a Y)

26. Zigzag walk

Looking for Simon Says ideas? Try these alphabet themed ideas with your kids! Free printable list of ideas included.

Download the Free Printable List of Ideas for Simon Says

This one page printable outlines 26 alphabet themed ideas for Simon Says. To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

>> Click here to download this free printable

Teach Kids How to Play Simon Says with this Social Story!

Does your child need a bit of help understanding the rules of the game? Perhaps this Simon Says social story can help!

Click here to get your copy of the Simon Says social story

Looking for Simon Says ideas? Try these alphabet themed ideas with your kids! Free printable list of ideas included.