Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Free Printable 5 Senses Graphic Organizers

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Free printable 5 senses graphic organizers for kids to work on describing and writing. Digital Google Slides versions are included too!

Graphic organizers are incredibly helpful, especially for hyperlexic kids. I think, at this point, they're becoming the best tools for helping my son with writing and reading comprehension while we're home educating this year. So expect more and more of these types of printables on the blog in the coming months...

One area that graphic organizers are helping with is writing. We've been using graphic organizers to help stretch a sentence with great success. And now we're working on adding more details using our senses to describe the topic, which is where these 5 senses graphic organizers come in.

5 senses graphic organizer pdf

About the 5 Senses Graphic Organizer

This describing graphic organizer has a space to write the topic your child is writing about and 5 boxes to make a list of ways to describe that topic using the 5 senses: sight, taste, sound, touch, and smell.

How it works is your child writes down all the sensory related things that they can think of before writing a paragraph about the topic as a way to plan out all of their ideas. Then, as they write, they try to incorporate these sensory details into their sentences. It will help give their sentences more depth and interest.

Download the Free 5 Senses Graphic Organizers

This printable includes four describing graphic organizers (with two types of clipart), two with lines and two without, that your child can fill in. It also includes two digital Google Slides versions. To get your copy, click the link below.

>> Click here to download the free printable

Looking for More Graphic Organizers?

You'll find even more graphic organizers for reading and writing in the graphic organizers bundle pack.

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Free 5 senses graphic organizer printable (digital Google Slides version included too!) that helps kids with describing and writing