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The Best YouTube Channels for Kids who are Hyperlexic

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Here are the best YouTube channels for kids who are hyperlexic as recommended by parents of hyperlexic kids.

Tired of listening to or watching the same ABC songs and youtube videos over and over with your hyperlexic child? 

Well, you're in luck! I've got some recommendations for some hopefully new-to-you kids YouTube channels that you can add into rotation for your hyperlexic child.

When it came to compiling this list of the best YouTube channels for kids who are hyperlexic, I knew I had to ask for a bit of help. So I crowdsourced this list by asking parents of hyperlexic kids what channels their kids were watching on repeat. 

Below you will find the top suggestions as recommended by parents like yourself. And hopefully you'll also find some new favorites for your child.

The best YouTube channels for kids with hyperlexia

The Best YouTube Channels for Kids who are Hyperlexic

When I asked parents of hyperlexic kids to share their child's favorite YouTube channels, here's what was recommended. Maybe you'll find a new favorite (or two!) for your child.

1. Numberjacks - This channel is all about ten superhero numbers. So it's the perfect fit for kids with hypernumeracy. I mean it doesn't get any better than talking numbers saving the day!

2. Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel - This channel is all about fun and educational music and there are tons of videos dedicated to the alphabet, counting, and sight words. He even has a playlist dedicated to learning the alphabet in sign language. Seriously, the videos here should keep your hyperlexic child entertained for a long time!

3. Alphablocks - This show is easily the most talked about show in the hyperlexia support groups, alongside Numberblocks. Hyperlexic kids love it! 

4. Numberblocks - Here's another show that's discussed all the time as being a favorite amongst hyperlexic kids. We're talking making birthday cakes inspired by it and everything. So if numbers are your child's thing, then give these videos a try.

5. Storybots - There are tons of fun Storybots videos including songs about numbers, colors, time, animals, and, of course, letters. But there's more than just songs here. The Netflix Jr. channel has lots of different Storybots playlists to check out.

6. Mathantics Channel - This channel teaches kids about math. So basically it's right up my son's alley, just like it would be for any kids with hypernumeracy.

7. Brain Candy TV - If your hyperlexic kid is into vehicles at all, then this is the channel for them! You'll find educational videos about the alphabet, numbers, colors, and more all while using fun vehicles and a dog named Lizzie. For example, you can learn about the letter D with the help of a dump truck.

8. Preschool Prep Company - With series names like Meet the Math Facts, Meet the Sight Words, Meet the Letters, and Meet the Numbers, it's no wonder hyperlexic kids love this channel. There are even Spanish episodes too.

9. Muffalo Potato - I swear this channel was created with hyperlexic kids in mind! It's all about learning to draw using only numbers and letters. There's even an entire playlist dedicated to gaming characters like Mario and Sonic, which if you know my family at all, you know how perfect that is!

10. Scratch Garden - This channel is a favorite and it's easy to see why. There are counting songs, mini math movies, and English learning videos. The creator also has a fantastic book called Semicolons, Cupcakes, and Cucumbers which my youngest son adores! It is hilarious. I definitely recommend checking it out as well.

Semicolons, Cupcakes, and Cucumbers book cover

11. Word World - Oh my goodness, if you've never seen the show Word World before, then you're missing out. It's absolutely brilliant and my son loved this show! Basically everything, from the items in the show to the characters themselves, "are made up of the letters that spell the word they are." So Sheep, for instance, has a body made from the letters s-h-e-e-p. It's fantastic.

12. Super Why - Here's another TV show that my boys enjoyed when they were younger. It's all about reading powered superheroes. 

13. Kids Learning Tube - There are playlists on this channel dedicated to geography, math, space, ABC songs, anatomy...basically everything a hyperlexic child loves!

14. Little Fox - Kids Songs and Stories - This channel has phonics songs, animated stories, sight word songs, and more. Each video uses lots of written text, making it perfect for engaging hyperlexic kids.

15. Pandrew Panz - If your kid is into numbers, counters, or countdowns, then try this channel. I know my son would have loved to watch the 1 million flip clock countdown video on repeat. But there are also a couple of videos dedicated to other topics that appeal to hyperlexic kids such as countries of the world and colors.

16. Have Fun Teaching - With playlists like adding songs, math songs, and songs dedicated to each letter of the alphabet, it's easy to see why hyperlexic kids would enjoy this channel.

17. Mr. DeMaio - This channel is jam packed with planet videos, multiplication songs, math videos, history videos, fact videos, and more.

18. Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs - Their playlist called ABCs Songs for Kids would be a great starting point for those hyperlexic kids in the height of their alphabet fascination stage.

19. Super Kids TV - If colors and/or vehicles are your hyperlexic child's thing, then try this channel.

20. Dream English Kids - A channel filled with educational songs covering topics like days of the week, shapes, numbers, spelling, sight words, and more.

21. Blippi - Educational Videos for Kids - Blippi seems to be a household name for many families. Although not ours as I think Blippi didn't become a thing until my kids were well past the preschool years. Yet, I still recognize the name despite never watching any of Blippi's videos before...Anyway, this channel was recommend by a lot of parents of hyperlexic kids so it's definitely worth checking out.

22. Numberphile - The description for this channel says "Videos about numbers - it's that simple." So yeah that should be a great fit for your older kids with hyperlexia or hypernumeracy if numbers and math are more their thing. This channel will be great for them especially if they want to dig into things beyond simple math and counting videos.

Other Specific Types of Videos to Try on YouTube

Lots of parents mentioned specific types of videos vs specific channels and I thought they were worth highlighting. These suggestions go beyond ABC songs and numbers, but you'll quickly see why these suggestions would definitely interest your hyperlexic child. I mean flags, logos, countdowns...need I say more?

1. Dancing Flags - Yes this is exactly what it sounds like...flags dancing around to some music. Perfect for your flag loving kid!

2. Word Drawing - These videos show how to transform a written word into a drawing. They might just be the best way to spark an interest in art and drawing for hyperlexic kids.

3. Logo Effects - Many hyperlexic kids love logos so the idea of watching logo animations on repeat might be a dream come true to them.

4. 36 Days of Type - These videos are perfect for kids who have an interest in typography. They're based on a challenge of the same name where graphic artists, illustrators, and designers create letters and numbers for 36 days straight.

5. New Year's Countdowns - If countdowns are your hyperlexic child's thing (and they likely are!), then try some New Year's countdown videos. Or really any kind of countdown video should do the trick.

So there you have it - the best YouTube channels for kids as recommended by parents, like yourself, who have hyperlexic kids.

A list of the best YouTube channels for hyperlexic kids

The best YouTube channels for kids with hyperlexia