Saturday, October 02, 2021

The Best Halloween Sensory Bins for Kids

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From bats and spiders to eye balls and jack-o-lanterns, here are the best Halloween sensory bins for kids!

When it comes to Halloween sensory play, there are a wide variety of themes you could use. You could try something with bats or spiders. Or you could try something with pumpkins or cauldrons. Or you could stick to Halloween colors like black and orange. The possibilities are endless as you will soon see.

So if you're looking for fun sensory bin ideas for Halloween, then you're in the right spot!

Let's dig in and check out these awesome, not-so-spooky Halloween sensory bins for kids, shall we?

The best Halloween sensory bins for toddlers and preschool kids

30+ Fun Halloween Sensory Bins for Toddlers & Preschoolers

1. Spooky Ghost Sensory Bin for Halloween (pictured below) - This sensory bin is eerie, but so simple to set up!

Ghost sensory bin for Halloween

2. Black Rice Sensory Bin for Halloween from Busy Toddler - This sensory bin is great for scooping and pouring and looks fantastic.

3. Halloween Themed Sensory Bin with Black Beans from Fireflies & Mud Pies - I absolutely love the skeleton salad tongs that were used for this activity. I know that my kids would enjoy playing with them!

4. Halloween Black Bat Sensory Bin from Pre-K Pages (pictured in collage) - Dyed pasta and dyed rice make up this easy sensory activity extra inviting.

5. Halloween Sensory Bin with Yarn & Pom Poms from My Bored Toddler - This is probably the easiest sensory activity ever to set up! Just grab some yarn and some pom poms (Halloween colored, of course!) and you're good to go.

6. Halloween Sensory Soup Bin with Water (pictured below) - Sensory soup bins are one of our favorite activities all year round. Here's a simple Halloween themed one with black water and little pumpkins to scoop.

Halloween sensory bin with water

7. Witch's Brew Halloween Soap Foam Sensory Bin from Views from a Step Stool - Here's a fun soap foam sensory bin. This one uses purple soap foam and mini cauldrons.

8. Halloween Spider Sensory Bin from Busy Toddler - I love the combination of orange rice and black plastic spiders in this sensory bin. Be sure to pair it with some tongs to sneak in some fine motor practice.

9. Magical Witches Potion Sensory Bin from Taming Little Monsters - Make your own potion with some green soap foam and fun items from the dollar store with this cute idea.

10. Googly Eye Soup Sensory Bin from Fun at Home with Kids (pictured in collage) - This Halloween activity is ridiculously simple to put together, but loads of fun! What kid wouldn't have a blast scooping up googly eyes?

11. Halloween Ghost Sensory Bin from My Bored Toddler - This sensory activity is really cute. I especially like the addition of the letters on the ghosts. Makes it perfect for hyperlexic kids, right?

12. Halloween Shaving Cream & Spider Sensory Bin from My Bored Toddler - This simple activity uses orange shaving cream as the base so prepare to get a bit messy with this one.

13. Spider Sensory Bin (pictured below) - While this activity was shown on the light table, it can also be done off of the light table too. Your kids will have a blast with it!

Spider sensory bin for Halloween

14. Halloween Cloud Dough Sensory Bin from Simple Fun for Kids - Cloud dough is a really neat sensory material to play with. I know your kids are going to love this Halloween colored cloud dough!

15. Jack-o-Lantern Sensory Bin for Toddlers from Happy Toddler Playtime - I love the use of recycled plastic containers for this activity. It's great for working on fine motor skills and perfect for kids who love to scoop, pour, and dump.

16. Halloween Bubble Foam Bin from Busy Toddler - We love soap foam (aka bubble foam) and have done our fair share of bins with this material. But I love this Halloween spin on it!

17. Spooky Halloween Sensory Tub from No Time for Flash Cards - This bin is filled with black beans, white beans, skeletons, and little jack-o-lanterns.

18. Spiderweb Sensory Bin from Happy Toddler Playtime - I love that the base of this sensory bin is a big stretched out spiderweb.

19. Eye Ball Sensory Bin for Halloween from Busy Toddler - You can find most of the supplies for this activity at the dollar store. And I bet your kids will love scooping up the eye balls and creepy, crawly bugs.

20. Candy Corn Sensory Play (pictured below) - This sensory bin is inspired by a popular (but, in my opinion, gross!) Halloween treat. You can try this activity on the light table or off. It's tons of fun!

Candy corn Halloween sensory bin

21. Black and White Halloween Sensory Bins from Fantastic Fun & Learning - I love these two complimentary sensory bins. The ghosts are hidden amongst Epsom salt, while bats and spiders are hidden amongst the black beans. They're both super cool!

22. No Mess Halloween Sensory Bin from Fun at Home with Kids - This activity is ridiculously simple, but so much fun! And you'll love that it is mess free.

23. Easy Halloween Sensory Bin with Black Water Beads from Fantastic Fun & Learning - The colorful creepy crawly toys really pop amongst the black water beads in this activity bin.

24. Halloween Sensory Bin with Balloon Pumpkins from Teaching Mama - This sensory bin has dried beans, DIY pumpkin sensory balloons (kind of like stress balls), and glowing decorations.

25. Halloween Sensory Bin with Dollar Store Finds from What Can We Do With Paper and Glue - I love the addition of Halloween themed mini erasers, spider rings, and googly eyes in this sensory bin.

26. Easy Halloween Sensory Bin for Kids from The Educators' Spin On It - Colorful Halloween gems form the base for this bin.

27. Halloween Spider Sensory Rice Bin from My Bored Toddler - I love the giant spiders and spiderweb in this activity bin.

28. Halloween Sensory Bin with Orange Water Beads from Pre-K Pages - This sensory bin is so bright and inviting! I love the orange water beads in it. It's like you're collecting tiny little pumpkins or something.

29. Halloween Eye Spy Sensory Bin from Happy Toddler Playtime - Play I spy with my little eye using this sensory bin. It's a great way to work on building vocabulary and language skills.

30. Halloween Sensory Spaghetti Bin from Pre-K Pages - The slimy colorful noodles are like digging into a big pile of worms. Perfect for Halloween, right?

31. Spaghetti & Eyeball Halloween Sensory Bin from Simple Everyday Mom - Here's another idea that uses dyed spaghetti as its base. But what is really cool about this bin is the glowing eyeballs! What kid wouldn't love that?!

32. Giant Eyeballs Sensory Bin for Halloween from Fun at Home with Kids - These giant eyeballs are so cool and easy to make too. Your kids will love squishing them.

33. Edible Eyeballs Sensory Bin for Baby and Toddlers from Fun at Home with Kids - Here's a taste safe version of the giant eyeballs found above.

34. Water Bead Halloween Sensory Bin from The OT Toolbox - You'll want to grab some purple water beads and pair them with some Halloween items from the dollar store to recreate this activity at home.

35. Eyeballs & Pom Poms Sensory Soup from Happy Toddler Playtime - Need something simple? Try this fun water based sensory activity this Halloween.

36. Halloween Rice Bin with Eye Balls from Busy Toddler - This activity pairs dyed rice with plastic eye balls from the dollar store. It's super simple to put together!

I know that was a lot, but there were just so many awesome Halloween sensory bins out there that I wanted to include on this list. Which one(s) are you going to try first?

The best Halloween sensory bins for toddlers and preschool kids