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10 Common Interests for Hyperlexic Kids

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Wondering what some of the most common interests for hyperlexic kids are and what your child might move to next? This list can help!

Hyperlexic kids have intense passions or interests right from toddlerhood. Interests that can last for years, not just a month or two. 

These interests can be so intense that it might seem as if your child will never move on to anything else. And that they'll only ever be interested in this one thing.

But they do eventually move on. 

Maybe they move to geography or flags or numbers next. Then they do that for a year or two. 

Or maybe they're still in the letter phase and you are wondering what could possibly come next after their fascination in letters. 

And maybe you want to know what could come next just so you can get a head start on learning about those specific topics. Basically, you want to be prepared. You know, so you can keep up with them if they do move to something else on this list that you know next to nothing about. Case in point: those languages they might teach themselves that you don't speak...

Anyway, that's where this list of common interests for hyperlexic kids comes in. It will give you an idea of what interests may lay ahead for your hyperlexic child. It also gives you suggestions of topics that you could gently nudge your child to next. 

Common interests for hyperlexic kids

10 Common Interests for Hyperlexic Kids

The following list includes the most common interests reported among hyperlexic kids. They are interests that most hyperlexic kids explore at some point.

Please keep in mind that the following list is by no means exhaustive. There are obviously lots of other interests that your hyperlexic child might gravitate towards including presidents, music, warning signs, traffic lights, or all things video games related. 

So having said that, let's take a look at what the most common interests for hyperlexic kids are. They include:

1. Letters

The first interest for most - if not all - hyperlexic kids would be letters. It's something they pick up on naturally and super early. Usually well before age two (see hyperlexia milestones for more info). 

This interest may include learning the alphabet in different languages. It may also eventually evolve into an interest in fonts or typography.

2. Numbers & Math

Usually the next interest that appears early on is an interest in numbers and math. Sometimes this interest even takes over letters - hello, hypernumeracy! Their favorite toy is often a calculator (or two or three).

These kids can quickly figure out patterns and relationships between numbers and begin to do math well above what would be expected for their age. 

As they grow, this interest might lead to an interest in Roman numerals, calendars, fractions, logic problems, or more complex math.

3. Geography & Maps

After letters and numbers, many move to geography and maps next. They'll quickly learn all the names of the countries, what the shapes of those countries are, where they're located in the world, their capital cities...really anything about geography! 

4. Flags

Another popular interest is flags, which isn't surprising given how many gravitate towards geography and maps. There are many young hyperlexic preschoolers who can identify and name hundreds of different flags from around the world.

5. Logos

Many hyperlexic kids love logos. Two popular favorites being the Pixar logo and the 20th Century Fox logo. Car brand logos are also a favorite for these kids. There's just something about logos and brands that appeal to our hyperlexic learners. You can often find these kids recreating logos using their alphabet toys as well.

6. Languages

Remember how I said the interest in letters can often mean learning the alphabet in different languages? Well, that's just the starting point for many hyperlexic kids! 

Many of them will go on to teach themselves a variety of languages. Popular choices include Russian, Arabic, or Korean. I would said Russian is likely the most popular one of the bunch though!

7. Outer Space

Another common interest for hyperlexic kids is learning about the solar system and planets. There's just something about outer space that's appealing to them. 

My word of advice: be prepared to have a favorite moon of Jupiter because they'll definitely ask you at some point which one you like. 

8. The Periodic Table

One of the reasons why I think the periodic table is a common interest for hyperlexic kids is because of all the letters and numbers that are included on it. Regardless, hyperlexic kids love learning about the periodic table so don't be surprised if your hyperlexic child moves to this interest next.

9. Shapes

Many young hyperlexic kids are fascinated by shapes and we're not talking about just triangles and squares here. We're talking dodecahedrons and other complex shapes. This interest naturally stems from the interest in math.

10. Anatomy

Another common interest is anatomy. Many hyperlexic kids love to learn about the human body, including the different body systems, the functions of organs, and so on. So be prepared to hear facts about the human body for quite some time!

Common interests for kids with hyperlexia

So what do you think of this list of common interests for hyperlexic kids? Has your hyperlexic child shown an interest in almost all of these interests as well? I bet they at least checked a few boxes off though!

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