Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Free Social Stories About Losing a Tooth

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A collection of free social stories about losing a tooth. Printable and video social stories for kids are included below. They'll learn about what it feels like to have a wiggly baby tooth and more.

Getting your first wiggly tooth can be an interesting experience for a lot of kids. Some kids might get really anxious or stressed out. Others might feel uncomfortable eating when their tooth feels so weird. They might also find the whole experience overwhelming sensory-wise and become a pretty big deal to them.

But losing your baby teeth is just part of growing up. It happens to everyone. So it's important to help prepare your child for this new experience and what to expect when they have a loose tooth. Especially if they have specific worries such as swallowing it or something.

Social stories can be a great tool for helping them learn about their wiggly or wobbly tooth. Picture books are also a great option.

Below you will find some free social stories about losing a tooth. They also touch on what to expect during and after you lose a tooth. Some stories even touch on the tooth fairy, if that's something you do (we personally don't do the tooth fairy thing).

Free social stories about losing a tooth or wiggly baby teeth

Free Social Stories About Losing a Tooth

Have you been looking for a social story about wiggly teeth, losing your first tooth, or even the tooth fairy? Then look no further than these free printable social stories about loose teeth. Some require you to have a Teachers Pay Teachers account (which is free!) before you can download them.

I've rounded up some options for you to explore. That way you can find the best loose tooth social story for you and your child. Or you can simply use ideas from different stories below to write your own custom story (free social story templates here to help).

Please note that just because a social story is listed here does not mean I endorse its content. After all, many social stories tend to be poorly written and/or teach autistic masking. Besides, I haven't read all of these stories word for word myself. So please read through the stories carefully before using them with your child.

1. Losing a Tooth Social Story from Autism Little Learners - This story uses colorful clipart to talk about wiggly teeth and touches on the tooth fairy. It doesn't really dig into the sensory experiences that come along with wiggly teeth though.

2. I Have a Loose Tooth Social Story from Social Stories: Power Tool for Autism - Here's a primarily text only social narrative about having a loose tooth. One photo is included and that's it. There is no mention of the tooth fairy in this story and it does touch on a bit of sensory aspects that come along with a wiggly tooth.

3. Social Story Narrative: What to do With a Loose Tooth from ThinkPsych on TPT - This story talks about what to do about a loose tooth and uses colorful clipart. It comes with a PowerPoint version which you can edit, a PDF, and a single page version of the story.

4. Losing Baby Teeth Social Story from Jennifer B on TPT - There's a typo for the title of this story so hopefully that doesn't continue throughout the story itself. Either way, this story uses lots of full color photos and some clipart to talk about what to expect when it comes to losing baby teeth.

5. Text-Only Loose Tooth Social Story from Autism PDD - There's a sample text only social story here that you could use as inspiration to write your own.

Video Social Stories About Wiggly Teeth & Losing a Tooth

Here are a couple of social stories that explore wiggly teeth and what it's like to lose a tooth. You can use these in teletherapy sessions, social skills groups, at home, and/or in classroom settings. Videos are always a great alternative to printing off a story.

Like the stories above, some of the wording in these videos aren't always great. But I wanted to make sure you had lots of different options for discussing and teaching kids about losing their teeth.

Wiggly teeth can be quite the experience for some kids, especially those with sensory differences. Hopefully these free social stories about losing a tooth can help them better understand and adjust to this new experience or their next tooth loss.

Free social stories about losing a tooth or wiggly baby teeth