Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Free Social Stories for Nose Picking & Blowing Your Nose

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A collection of free social stories for nose picking and blowing your nose. Printable and video social stories for kids are included below.

Lots of kids pick their noses. Additionally, many kids need support when it comes to learning how to blow their nose. It's a tricky skill to teach.

But one thing that is helpful to use is a social story or social narrative. You can explain when it's okay to pick your nose (hint: in private), what to do instead of picking, and why you need to wash your hands after blowing your nose. Those kinds of things.

So below you will find a bunch of free social stories for nose picking and other nose care related skills. Topics include everything from picking your nose, how to blow your nose, runny noses, using a tissue, boogers/snot, and more. 

Free social stories for nose picking, blowing your nose, using a tissue, runny noses, and boogers/snot

Free Social Stories for Nose Picking & Blowing Your Nose

Have you been looking for a social story that explains boogers, nose picking, and/or nose blowing? Then look no further than these free nose picking social stories. Some require you to have a Teachers Pay Teachers account (which is free!) before you can download them.

I've rounded up some options for you to explore. That way you can find the best social story about nose picking or nose blowing for you or your child. Or you can simply use ideas from different stories below to write your own custom story (free social story templates here to help).

Please note that just because a social story is listed here does not mean I endorse its content. After all, many social stories tend to be poorly written and/or teach autistic masking. Besides, I haven't read all of these stories word for word myself. So please read through the stories carefully before using them with your child.

1. Nose Picking Social Story from Autism Little Learners - This story talks about why you might pick your nose and things to do instead. Colorful clipart is used in this story and includes kids with different skin tones.

2. Picking Your Nose Social Stories from Happy Little Learners - There are two stories here. Both are text only so no photos are included. The first story is talks about how picking your nose in private is okay. The other story talks about other strategies to try instead of picking.

3. Nose Picking Social Story from Jessica Palamidis on TPT - This story uses a random assortment of colorful clipart. It also comes as a Word document so it should be editable.

4. Getting a Tissue: A Social Story on How to Handle an Itchy Nose from Bx Support on TPT - Here's a story about using a tissue instead of picking. It uses a mix of clipart and photos.

5. When to Pick Your Nose Social Story (Editable) from Briana Young on TPT - Since this story is in PowerPoint format, it is editable. It talks about when a child can pick his/her nose during the school day.

6. Boogers Social Story from Occupational Therapy Resources by Allison on TPT - This story is about not picking your nose and why you shouldn't eat boogers. It uses clipart and includes some worksheets and charts as well.

7. Blowing Snot is Gross Social Story from La Pomme Design on TPT - Not sure I like the emphasis on the word gross here. I feel like it could be worded in a less judgmental way. Regardless, this story talks about why it's important to blow your nose instead of blowing snot bubbles. It uses a mix of clipart and photos.

8. When I Have a Runny Nose Social Story from The Curious Educator of Oz on TPT - This story focuses on runny noses while you're sick and what to do. It uses colorful icon style clipart and simple text.

9. A Social Story About Picking Nose from Melissa Morrissey - This story talks about different reasons why you might pick your nose. It also includes alternatives to picking and what to do after picking your nose. It uses colorful clipart.

10. Social Stories About Nose Picking from Watson Institute - There are three variations of a nose picking social story here (as well as a bunch of other self control social stories). They use colorful clipart.

Video Social Stories About Blowing Your Nose & Nose Picking

Here are some video social stories that explore and talk about nose picking and blowing. You can use these in teletherapy sessions, social skills groups, at home, and/or classroom settings. Videos are always a great alternative to printing off a story.

Like the stories above, some of the wording in these videos aren't always great. But I wanted to make sure you had lots of different options for discussing why you shouldn't pick your nose and what to do instead.

I hope you found these free social stories for nose picking, blowing your nose, boogers, etc. helpful.

Free social stories for nose picking, blowing your nose, using a tissue, runny noses, and boogers/snot